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'Monster Hunter' film gets $60 million budget

Capcom is re-entering the film industry with a 'Monster Hunter' adaptation.
A film adaption of Capcom’s long-running video game series, “Monster Hunter,” will go into production this September with a budget of $60 million. Only a few details are known about the film at this point, but one thing we do know is that the iconic series has gone from strength to strength this year. Film adaptation It has been confirmed that Milla Jovovich who stars in another Capcom film adaption - the “Resident Evil” series - will take the lead role in “Monster Hunter.” Variety reported that Constantin Films, director Paul W. S. Anderson, and producer Jeremy Bold, also behind the “Resident Evil” film series, will be creating this latest Capcom film adaption. The film is set to be filmed in Cape Town, South Africa with special effects created by Mr X who is another veteran of the “Resident Evil” film series. “Monster Hunter: World” released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year back in January. It was met with critical acclaim and became the...