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Nintendo 'LABO' reviews have landed

Nintendo's cardboard dream has finally come to fruition but is it a gimmick or long lasting idea?
Nintendo Labo is a line of cardboard accessories for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch has seen fantastic sales thanks to innovative hardware and stellar game releases. However, Nintendo was not happy to leave things alone and have released a line of cardboard accessories - Nintendo Labo. Nintendo Labo is one part mini-game series and one part a fun construction idea. Each Nintendo Labo product requires the user to build it themselves and it comes with a mini-game developed specifically with it in mind. Finally, we have the first set of Nintendo Labo reviews of this highly anticipated product. TechRadar Review site TechRadar praised it for being a wonderful way to bring parents and children together. They said it was great fun creating the Labo accessories and that each project has excellent education potential for kids. They said that the instructions were clear and show users exactly how to put them together. However, they criticised the weak mini-games and had concerns about...