In a chance to the current series of "The Circle" a Live show will air every Friday night ahead of its Saturday night hiatus. Emma Willis was joined by Scarlett Moffatt and Courtney Act to discuss their opinions on this series current players.

Emelle, the first player to be blocked from this series of "The Circle" also joined the conversation to open up about her experience despite her very short stay in the game. Though she was already aware that Sammi was actually James, Emelle was shocked to find out that Jay was also a catfish.

Richard Madeley's ability to play as 27-year-old Judy was once again tested in another game from "The Circle," that challenged him to dance for the other players, who then had to guess what the dance move was.

As a reward for winning the game, the players were each allowed to choose a second profile picture to share with the other players.

Jay who is actually being played by his own Mother, Katie took a risky move by adding a picture of herself with her real-life son. While many players in "The Circle" were confused by who the woman in Jay's new profile picture was, Tim, hit the nail on the head when he concluded that the woman in the picture was actually the one playing the game and Jay was, in fact, a catfish. Though he didn't make the family connection between the two he was the only one to discover Katie's game plan.

Sammi and Tim

Sammi and Tim were once again ranked the highest, making them both influencers for the second time running.

However, Tim came out on top this time, while Sammi dropped into second place.

After getting to know their fellow players even better over the last few days, the decision of who to send home was made even harder for Sammi and Tim. Tim was also in a difficult after his personal revelation about Jay, but because of Sammi's close relationship to Jay, he was unable to share his thoughts and have Jay blocked from "The Circle."

In the end, the pair decided that it was Farmer Sy that would be the second player to be blocked after they came to the conclusion that he had little more to offer then farm talk and manure-based jokes.

After his blocked Sy decided to head to Tim's apartment to confront him over his recent blocking. Tim was open and honest about the reasons as well as giving Sy the lowdown on how he felt about the remaining players.

Sy also joined Emma Willis on the live show where he received shock after, shock as Emma revealed to him the many catfishes and secrets from "The Circle," so far this series.

A public vote

During the live show, Emma Willis revealed that the public would be able to vote, via the app, for the player that would be Farmer Sy's replacement. The public was offered a choice between 23-year-old Kevin, from Bournemouth, or London girl Ella aged 24.

It was no shock when loudmouth Ella entered her apartment in "The Circle," with a personality and confidence that is sure to shake up the currently pleasant vibes of "The Circle."