Lucifer (Tom Ellis) once again needs his loyal fans’ help to campaign for “Lucifer” season 5. Netflix has yet to announce the show’s renewal after the success of season 4’s release, so the show’s co-showrunners, Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, said they need fans’ support now more than ever.

In an interview with TVLine, Modrovich expects the renewal news to come in June, a month after the current season hits Netflix. Within that time period, the streaming service is said to be analyzing the binging and the demand.

“To that point, the fan support is super-important, and in particular the [first] month is going to be crucial towards whether or not we get a Season 5,” Henderson explained.

“Because they are paying attention.”

Lauren German, who plays as Lucifer’s love interest Chloe Decker, also prompts fans to do some action, so the network will renew the show. In a Twitter post, the 40-year-old star gives her heartfelt gratitude to Netflix for saving the series and encourages viewers to start tweeting for the show’s renewal using the hashtag #season5netflixlucifer.

Season 5 plotline for 'Lucifer'

If Netflix orders for “Lucifer” season 5, Henderson revealed they already have an opening sequence in mind. In fact, they already know how the new instalment would start and did so since season 4 started. Modrovich added they also have another “really fun toy to play with” that would be a “big guiding factor” if Netflix greenlights the new season.

Season 4 featured how Chloe reacted on seeing Lucifer’s real identity, and the arrival of the latter’s first love, Eve (Inbar Lavi). As the coming of Lucifer's former lover made everything complicated, fans could expect season 5 to be crazier than they have ever seen.

In a different interview with Entertainment Weekly, Modrovich said they are going to take the new season in a new direction.

They are going out of the box to avoid fans, and themselves, from getting bored. The more they talked about the idea, the more they felt it's "brilliant."

Fans’ overwhelming support

Henderson admitted the show has been receiving amazing support, and that is everything they could ask for. He was even surprised how fast viewers binge-watched season 4.

“It’s been so gratifying that people seem to love it.”

Netflix picked up the new season after fans launched the #savelucifer campaign following Fox’s cancellation. With the overwhelming support, season 4 continued with ten episodes, running for 50 minutes each, which was over a half shorter compared to its original network's more than 20 episodes.

However, the showrunners believed they have told a complete story that satisfied everyone. Now, the show is once again asking for help for “Lucifer” Season 5.