Tim Allen is backing future Toy Story’ sequels, as the Buzz Lightyear star wants to see the popular franchise emulate the likes of ‘Star Wars’ in making more movies in the future. The bubbly American actor is currently reprising his major role as the voice behind Buzz, the toy Space Ranger character, in the latest episode of Disney’s hugely enjoyable Film series.

The ever-youthful Allen – now a sprightly 66 years old - features once again alongside other firm favourites including the seemingly essential multi-Oscar-winner Tom Hanks as Sheriff Woody in the new film.

Not to mention the reluctant newcomer Forky (voiced by Emmy Award winner Tony Hale), a fictional plastic fork. Yet many fans and critics had doubted that a fourth instalment would be made, following on from what had seemed a fitting finale at the end of ‘Toy Story 3’.

Tim Allen compares the franchise to ‘Star Wars’

It didn’t seem to surprise Allen though, as reported in ‘The Independent’ the former star of US comedy rating winner ‘Home Improvement’ never thought episode three was the end of it as “it seemed like – there always was a little hint. And why would you ever end this?” Clearly reflecting his strong connection with the series, he added that “this is like Star Wars for me.”

Hints that more sequels to come

On the prospect of extending the ‘Toy Story’ tales to take in the fifth outing for the toy characters, Allen seemed slightly coy but equally confident on that score.

Reminiscing about the ending of ‘Toy Story 4’, he commented that although he didn’t “want to give it away, it does suggest a transition into a different movie.”

Story tugs at the heartstrings

In another interview, Allen told CBS News correspondent Tracy Smith how both himself and Hanks had been affected when they first read the script for ‘Toy Story 4’, commenting that “neither one of us could contain our emotion," proving the impact that the storyline could have even on grown men.

Opening on 21st June in the UK

‘Toy Story 4’ opens in UK cinemas today, with the franchise seeking to build on the already staggering figure of around £1.5 billion taken at the box office globally. The latest storyline reunites Woody and Buzz in the hands of a new owner, Bonnie, as the comical pairing set off on an unforgettable road trip.

Along the way, their adventures include not only Forky but also the intriguing introduction of additional new characters to the film series, as action hero Keanu Reeves pops up as a stuntman and Christina Hendricks provides the voice for a vintage doll. The filmmakers were even able to piece together some old dialogue to incorporate Mr Potato Head in the film, despite Don Rickles who had voiced the character previously having sadly died back in 2017.