"Together" is a British drama about the bureaucracy of the social care system in the UK. It was first released in January 2018 but during the 2020 lockdown it gained popularity in the US DVD market and sold out in Walmart. So much so that the emotive Film has been re-released for the digital market. The movie is now available to rent of buy on streaming service including Amazon Prime, iTunes/Apple, Google Play and YouTube.

The film is produced and directed by former comedy agent and writer of BBC TV show "Annually Retentive" Paul Duddridge. The Steller cast is led by the legendary Peter Bowles and Sylvia Syms supported by Nadia Wadia, Cathy Tyson, Dominic Carter and the fabulous Amanda Barrie.

Bowles and Syms portray married couple Phil and Rose who have been married for 60 years. Life hasn't always been easy for the life partners. They lost one of their children in childhood and their remaining son Neville played by Steve Steen is in jail. But, together the pair have to fight for everything they hold dear and have to challenge the dynamics of social care system after they are sadly forced apart. It delves into the abuse of elders in society after Rose ends up in hospital after breaking her leg after an and is separated from her beloved husband by jobsworth social workers, which causes much distress for the pair. Phil does everything in his power to stop his wife from being taken away and put into a different nursing home without him.

But does he succeed?

Directed and Producer Paul Duddridge says: "I love a comeback story. The fact that seniors in the USA have discovered this little British movie on DVD is such a wonderful surprise. Maybe the theme is that there is always someone in authority who knows better than you how to live your life and found its audience during the lockdown.

I am so proud to be able to re-release this movie in the hope that it continues to find its audience."

It's been quite the year for director Duddridge who launched the world's first online Entertainment Coaching during lockdown.

The idea for the app was developed after the impact on the entertainment agency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and it was rushed out a year early to help performers worldwide make money in a time when theatres and performance venues where closed.

Duddridge wanted to use his 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry to help others at a time when the industry was in freefall.

Between the years of 2000 and 2007, Paul produced and wrote various successful comedy shows for UK TV networks. He also created and co-wrote shows with Rob Brydon, including as well as producing and writing BBCs Annually Retentive and "The Keith Barrett Show."