Rami Malek, 38, comes from an Egyptian background and recently won an Oscar for playing the role of Freddie Mercury in the Film “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This role is possibly what led to him being offered the role of a villain in “Bond 25,” the upcoming James Bond film.

However, Rami has revealed that with his background, he would only take the new role if the villain had no ideological or religious affiliations. He said they cannot identify his character with any terror act relating to religion, such as the ISIS attacks of recent years. He said if that was the producers’ choice, they could count him out.

Malek was reportedly interviewed in New York as he concluded shooting on the TV series “Mr Robot.”

Rami Malek wanted assurances

The Daily Mirror and Daily Express recently published an interview with Rami Malek about his role in the 007 movie, currently filming in the UK. Rami confirmed that when he was speaking with director Cary Fukunaga, he asked him to confirm he would not be in the role of a religious fundamentalist. Fukunaga obviously allayed his fears, as Malek said that was clearly not the director’s vision for the role and that his character is a “very different kind of terrorist.”

According to a report by the BBC, Rami is now excited to be cast in the role in the James Bond film, saying he is playing a “great character.” Malek further said the script was very clever and was put together by people who know exactly what people want to see in these films.

He described his character as a “mysterious villain” saying his character is armed with a “dangerous new technology," according to the official plot summary for the new film.

Delays in shooting 'Bond 25'

As noted by Metro, ever since production started on the film in April this year, “Bond 25” has been in the news for one reason or another.

The film stars Daniel Craig, 51, as James Bond for his fifth and final outing as 007. However, there has been one delay after another with the film, which is set to be released in April 2020.

First, Danny Boyle left the director’s chair, leading to Cary Fukunaga taking up the job. Then during May, Craig hurt his ankle in an accident while filming on location in Jamaica, requiring ankle surgery and a respite from filming.

In June this year, a crew member was injured when a controlled explosion went wrong on the set at Pinewood Studios.

Happier news was reported when Prince Charles visited Pinewood Studios and had a long chat with Daniel, as both are keen on the 1960 Aston Martin DB5s which were built for the film. Then things went wrong yet again, when Grace Jones, a former Bond villain in “A View to a Kill” with Roger Moore in 1985, walked out on a cameo role because she felt they had given her too few lines. This left the production team upset as they had been excited about her starring in the film.