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The Skripals poisoning – yes, it's a major international incident

But what really lies behind the decision to make the strained relations between Russia and the Western countries much worse?
There are many people who ask, does Jeremy Corbyn have a point about Russia? There are even more people who say, more evidence was needed to say Putin did it. Why should he have initiated a plan which is not only unnecessary (if this double agent posed a danger for Putin's Russia, he would be never allowed to move to Britain) but doomed to fail? Putin is a clever guy, and he's not in desperate need to show how tough he can be, especially after his newest, deeply shocking yearly address about the state of the nation. The verdict of a German scientist It's not a point to point the finger of scorn on Russia, and people who are doing that are wrong. The left-wing politician and bio-weapon expert Jan van Aken, in an interview with German television channel, he said that the evidence is "wafer-thin," because at least one other great power (USA) may be involved. Jan van Aken continued to sit for the Left Party from 2009 to 2017 as a Member of Parliament (Bundestag) and is since...