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Jayda Fransen: Xenophobe or genuinely a Joan of Arc or Boudicca?

The motives of Jayda Fransen: Right wing extermist or someone with a deeply held religious, political zeal?
Is Jayda Fransen, currently on a charge of religious hatred, a genuine person in her beliefs or just another right wing nutter? It goes without saying that just the mention of her name inspires as much support as it does hatred. She is known for being a leader of the far-right group, Britain First party, along with Paul Golding. Britain First is known for holding demonstrations and marches against Islam: Not just extremist Islam per se but Islam period. Britain First has operated so-called Christian patrols in Muslim areas in response to Muslims doing the same trying to enforce Sharia. Jayda Fransen marches around with a white cross in her hand followed by Paul Golding and other Britain First supporters. She deliberately seeks out Muslim areas, carrying her cross to provoke Muslims it seems. What drives Fransen to do these things? Is it a political motivation or religious? The woman is either doing this for attention or she is doing it because she has a real fear of what she sees as...