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South Africa legalises the use of cannabis, what It means for the population

What the future holds for South Africa moving forward post legalisation.
A multi-ethnic society, South Africa is known for its eclectic array of traditions and cultures and this past week, the country is reported to have legalized the use of cannabis; a decision that has attracted a lot of conversation from both sides of the platform. Cannabis, locally known as Dagga in South Africa is known to be used for medical purposes but not without causing side effects. Throughout the legalization of cannabis in South African households, one thing was clear; the country’s law did not explain any rules and regulations that should be followed by the common men while using the drug. Although the action taken of decriminalizing cannabis use by high Court is said to be limited to personalized use (meaning people can have possession of cannabis in their private spaces), it gives no guarantee that it doesn’t lead to the high industrial cultivation of the drug across South Africa. So what does this mean for South Africa's future? Let’s have a look at some possible...