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Polish cow makes a bid for freedom and succeeds

Cow has the backing of Polish politician to live life in peace and safety.
A Polish cow that was being taken for slaughter in southern Poland was having none of it. The animal must have realised that her journey would not end well and made a bid for freedom. The cow smashed through a fence and broke the arm of a farm worker who tried to stop her. The cow's owner Mr Lukasz tried to make the cow come back to the farm but the cow jumped into nearby lake Nysa. The cow swam to the nearby island and then firefighters were dispatched to bring the cow to heal but this too ended in failure. As the firemen approached the island in a motorboat the cow swam to a nearby peninsula. The cow has been living free ever since and the farmer has been dropping off food for the cow. Polish politician intervenes Pawel Kukiz a Polish politician has said he would like to save the cow and let her live in peace and safety. Mr Kukiz posted his tribute to this brave cow on Facebook. The cow has been heralded as a hero in her native country with some saying if Polish people were like this...