New player Ella was finally introduced to her fellow players in last night's episode after choosing to take catfish Jay for a date in 'The Hangout,' unaware that the twenty-something is actually being played by his own Mother; Katie.

The loudmouth London girl appeared to blend in well, making sure to jump right into a girl's chat with Sammi, Georgina, and Brooke. She also chatted with the youngest player Woody, bonding with him over Seagulls and festivals.

Judy shakes up 'The Circle'

"The Circle" also helped the players to bond with each other in yet another game called 'Guilty or not guilty.' While it made most of the players laugh and joke with each other, it gave Richard Madeley aka Judy a great platform to play out her secret mission to turn the other players against her and get herself blocked from "The Circle."

In a question that asked if Georgina would keep money that she had found on the street, Judy chose 'Guilty' and made sure to let Georgina know that she disapproved of that kind of behaviour and reminded them of her boarding school days.

Judy's turn of face came as a surprise to Georgina who had, had an emotional chat with her the previous day.

Despite upsetting all of the other players Richard Madeley was happy with Judy's work and hopeful of his chances of coming in last place in the ratings. As the new, Ella could rate but could not be rated by her fellow players, and Richard Madeley was once again unable to rate due to not being an official player of "The Circle."

Georgina is ranked first

While Tim remained an influencer for the third time running, there was once again a change when it came to the top spot as Georgina came out on top for the first time.

Judy was successful as she came in last place, meaning that she was one step closer to becoming blocked from the circle and being able to grant one of "The Circle's" players with the gift of immunity.

Jay who is being played by Katie was also given a low ranking after spending most of his time interacting with Sammi being played by James rather than building up relationships with the rest of the players as well.

Jay or Judy

Without Sammi as an influencer to save him in this round of blocking Jay who was deemed 'One dimensional' by the top player, Georgina, was nervous about his chances of survival without close ally Sammi to save him.

In their discussion in 'The Hangout,' Tim and Georgina narrowed their discussions on who to block down to Jay and Judy after going through each of their fellow player's pros and cons one by one. The pair decided that both Jay and Judy had both failed to give either of them a significant reason to keep them, though Georgina still felt a closeness to Judy after their heart to heart about her Crohn's disease. The show ended on a cliffhanger leaving viewers wondering who would be blocked from "The Circle" in tonight's episode/