Chainska Brassika are a lively 8 piece band who originate from London and have been causing mischief, spreading their contagious horn driven ska anthems across the UK, mainland Europe and beyond.

This month they released their infectious and unapologetically carefree single, 'Simple Things' and teamed up with actor and film producer Frank Harper to produce the Music video which captures their contagious energy.

Leah Marriott: How would you describe Chainska Brassika's sound?

Chainska Brassika: As there are eight of us, our sound is influenced by many bands, genres and styles.

From Ska-Reggae, Punk, Jazz and Rock to Dub, D n b, Latin, and EDM, the list goes on.We take a lot of our initial influence from English bands like The Specials and the originators from Jamaica in the 60’s, The Skatalites.

L:How were Chainska formed?

CB:The band formed at school in New Cross, around 2009. We were 15-16 and used to practice in our mates garage, playing anywhere we were allowed too. Back then we played Funk and Rock and Roll; we had a big brass section which is where the Ska and Reggae really came in.

L: What would you like to achieve or inspire with the single?

CB: People enjoying our music is key to us and in terms of inspiration, the thought of new bands coming through with our help is exciting and satisfying.

L: How did the collaboration with Frank Harper come about?

CB: Frank is a born South-Londoner (like the band) and a childhood friend of our manager, Wozzy Brewster OBE. He has a life time appreciation of Ska and Reggae music; combine this with his illustrious acting career and we had the perfect man to direct our most recent music video/single “Simple Things”.

We are humbled to work with such a legend.

L:What is the single, 'Simple Things' about?

CB: “Simple Things” is really about stripping back the excess baggage that often clouds life these days. Travelling around the world and playing all kinds of different gigs and venues, we recognise one thing. The core, simple things in life, music, people, food and enjoyment are the best!

We want people to focus on these key things and forget their strife!

L:What inspired the music video?

CB: Frank’s vision was to capture the energy of our live show which he felt, as soon as he heard the single in the studio at Red Bull London. We were lucky to have the use of our local venue, the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham (Thanks to Didier) and also to be joined by a mix of friends and associates to make our bouncing audience; Big respect!

L: What can the audience expect from your shows?

CB:The audience can and should expect to move! This is energy music, designed to make people dance. For Chainksa the show is as much about the audience as it is about the band. It’s a two-way conversation of music, movement and energy so please don’t be idle, this is Chainska!