Two blockbuster Hindi films were released on Friday. The films "Mission Mangal" and "Batla House" were expected to do well however the public was interested as there is an undercurrent of rivalry among the two big stars of Hindi screen, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham.

Akshay Kumar is now the Numero Uno of Hindi cinema as the three Khans have slightly fallen in public esteem after their last failures. John Abraham is a consistent star who has done well throughout his career. Both the films what are expected to do well. The general public was wondering which of these two films would be the bigger hit.

Box office

The box office report is out and it can be seen that on the initial opening day "Mission Mangal" grossed over Rs 21 crores (GBP 2.429 million) while "Batla House" was behind by almost 50 percent. The critics had given John Abraham's Film a better rating compared to "Mission Mangal" but the latter film is the bigger hit. This has something to do with the star value of Akshay Kumar whose popularity has carried the day making his film as a top grosser. "Batla House" is also raking in profits yet at the box office "Mission Mangal" is the bigger hit.

The films

"Mission Mangal" is an account of the Indian scientific organization (ISRO) mission to Mars in 2014 which was a success and surprised the scientific fraternity in China and the USA.

John Abraham's film, on the other hand, is an account of a terrorist operation wherein four Muslim terrorists were gunned down and in the bargain, one of the police inspectors of the Delhi Police died. The success of both the films augurs well for Hindi cinema and shows that it is alive and kicking. News 18 has reported that the release of both films created quite a buzz.

With the success of "Mission Mangal" Akshay Kumar, his carved a niche for him as an extremely popular star as each and every one of his films have grossed over a hundred crores. John Abraham is not in the same class but by his own standing has given some sterling performances in films. Livemint has reported that Aksay's film has grossed double of "Batla House."

Akshay Kumar who is the son in law of film former superstar Rajesh Khanna who died sometime back while John Abraham is famous for a live-in relationship with Bipasha Basu which ultimately broke up.

Mission mangal has had a bigger opening at the box office than almost all films of Akshay Khanna including "Kesari." The film also stars Taapsee Pannu and Kirti Kuller but all in all, the success of the film rests squarely on the shoulders of Akshay Kumar.

John Abraham also puts in a commendable performance in the police thriller which is a real account but then like five fingers are not equal, similarly all-stars are not equal and Akshay Kumar's star value and standing in the Bombay film industry has paved the way for the success of his film.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay is one of the patriotic stars of the Bombay screen and supports all the nationalistic causes, unlike the three Khans who seem to have gone into a shell after the success of BJP in the last two elections.

The success of films like "Batla House" and "Mission Mangal" show that the Indian masses appreciate good cinema and the old dance and song films where hero and heroine ran around trees singing songs is no longer the staple diet.