Stephen Emmer is an established musician, widely known amongst Music critics & fellow artists for his creation of brilliant ‘concept” albums from a spoken word album, to the critically acclaimed 'International Blue' album to his more recent album 'Home Ground' for a soul album. Now in lockdown, Stephen's latest concept theme is Neo Classical. No vocalists this time around and no production from Visconti. Recorded alone as an instrumental, via the medium of music in its classical form, Stephen has explored Isolation, family, solitude & the company of his piano and strings.

Here he chat's to us about the inspiration behind his latest album

LM: Tell us about the latest album Maison Melody, what was your inspiration?

SE: My inspiration was to try and see if I could do without the pulse of a beat, without electric guitars, vocals etc. That's how I like to challenge myself every time, to try and tread new grounds in Musicland and there's lots more to discover for everyone, highly recommended! Did you face any difficulties recording it alone in isolation?

Yes, everything was closed for obvious reasons for quite a while, so what you have to do is record it at home and these days some equipment is very portable, so that can be used or you can use it as a basis to add to the inn a reopened studio environment, which is what we could do.

LM:What made you decide to give all the proceeds to those who are financially struggling?

SE: I read somewhere about the fellow artist MOBY said that he wanted to release a new album for free also as that was a way of compensating that he was probably useless to help in say a hospital during the pandemic and therefore thought it inappropriate to charge money for his music during that same pandemic.

So I went along with that thought and rather see people being able to pay their rent next month and still be able to hear some soothing music for no cost in these troubled times.

LM: What has been the hardest thing for you during the lockdown?

SE: I guess that's universal, your kids, your parents, you don't see them or can be close to each other for the longest period ever in your life!

LM: You've worked with an array of acclaimed musicians, do you have a favourite?

SE: Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17 became a good friend afterwards and we speak on a personal level quite regularly.

LM: Is there anyone you'd like to collaborate with?

SE: Yes! Robbie Williams. I can just see to create the perfect album for the adult Robbie he has now become.

LM: What has been the highlights of your career?

SE: Working with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, touring the UK with The Lotus Eaters back in the days and to have presented my album with Glenn and Midge Ure in Abbey Road studios in London. I'm a privileged person!