After the many twists and turns, the series has suffered, Lucifer’s inevitable end is almost here. Their path to becoming one of the biggest series in recent years isn’t easy, but it was sure inspiring. When the show was unjustly cancelled by network giant FOX, die-hard fans did what they have to do. Tom Ellis, was very emotional with the fans' gestures and after a few weeks, the series was revived by Netflix.

Season 5 renewed by Netflix

So, how many episodes are we expecting for Season 5? Well, according to IIdy Modrovich, Lucifer’s co-show runner, the send-off season contains 10 episodes.

Same number of episodes as the pilot season. Frankly, there are still a lot of storylines that need some clarity on the show, but as of the moment, fans just have to wait. Tagged by TV experts as the most uncanny series, Lucifer Morningstar and his 'angels' have definitely made a name for themselves.

All about Deckerstar

Modrovich also chimed in regarding Season 5 and addresses some DeckerStar questions. Apparently, Season 3’s “Quintessential Deckerstar" isn’t quintessential after all. For those who haven’t watched Season 4 and its final episode, you still have time to catch up. As we all know, hell needs a king to contain the devils. This prophecy, this obligation, this nightmare burns out Lucifer, but in the end, he has to do it.

Probably the best line delivered on last season was when Tom Ellis a.k.a Lucifer Mornigstar stated, “My first love was never Eve, it was you Chloe, it has always has been”. Chloe’s wasn’t able to hold her emotions as she kisses and watch Lucifer spread his wings as he goes back to hell.

It is almost guaranteed that Season 5 will begin with a "DeckerStar” plot.

However, there are a few fans who believe that the focus will be on Lucifer and his return to his throne. Another intriguing part is when the showrunner stated that they have a “fun toy to play with” which will be considered as the germ for the series finale.

No release date yet

Regarding release date and returning characters, there are no confirmations either from the showrunners or the actors.

Some entertainment websites claimed that they have a date already, but it’s totally a hoax. The only thing that is guaranteed right now is that Lucifans will get Season 5. Nevertheless, “Lucifer” is a great example that there is hope in a TV series. They literally clawed their way back from hell. Despite being cancelled by FOX, their fandom sticks together. The cast didn’t lose hope and the showrunners kept on believing in their project.

Will Luficer confront God? Will Maze and Eve even be together? Will they give Lucifer and Chloe the happy ending they truly deserved, all those questions will be answered next season.