Judy aka Richard Madeley's departure left open space for a new player, but the ever-unpredictable "Circle" shocked its current players by bringing in not just one but two new players in the form of Jack and Beth.

Though they both decided to play as themselves, 29-year-old Beth changed her age to twenty-six and used images of a girl that was not her, claiming that a more plain-looking girl would get her further in the game that her real pictures would.

After their profiles were introduced to the rest of the group, they were allowed to enter into their first group chats.

Jack joined the girls for his first group chat asking them all to describe themselves in one word, while Beth got to know the boys by asking them to describe themselves using an emoji that best showed off who they were.

Tim tests builder Jay

Rightly convinced that Jay is actually being played by his own Mother, Tim decided to have some fun and test Jay, who claims to be a builder, on his building knowledge by asking a question about the roof of his new house.

While Jay aka Katie panicked as she searched through her mass of notes to answer Tim's roofing question, Tim lay giggling on his bed as he predicted exactly what Jay may be up to despite not being able to see what was going on in his fellow player's apartment.

In another group chat that involved Tim and Jay along with the rest of the boys, Katie's game plan was once again exposed as she showed off her knowledge of acronyms, 'I knew working on this book would pay off,' she told herself as she read from a list of acronyms she had written down prior to entering "The Circle."

However, suspicious Tim immediately caught on that all of Jay's acronyms were in alphabetical order and must, therefore, come from a pre-written list written down before entering the game.

Woody also chimed in with his suspicions telling Jay that his acronym "2MI" shorthand for too much information should actually be written as "TMI."

Anonymous question controversy

"The Circle" gave the players yet another game to play. The newest game allowed them to ask each other anything they wanted to, with the catch being that all questions would be asked anonymously.

The game began to cause a little bit of controversy in "The Circle," which has up until now been full of pleasantries.

Naughty Tim once again targeted Jay, asking him "Jay, are you really Jay's Mother catfishing as Jay?" Katie aka Jay denied the accusation but, of course, she could not resist complimenting herself and exposing her game plan. Woody also targeted Jay, asking him 'What is the wholesale price of a brick?' When Jay avoided the question even Sammi aka James began to have doubts about if Jay was real or not.

Despite her obvious failures to convince all of her fellow player's that Jay was real, Katie sat smugly in her apartment confident in the fact that nobody in "The Circle" had any idea that she was catfishing as her own son.