Last night's episode of "The Circle" was a rollercoaster ride of emotions that made its players, and viewers laugh, cry and get very annoyed when Richard Madeley aka Judy turned on Bey the Cat.

Before entering "The Circle," Richard Madeley was well aware that his time on the social media game show was temporary and that he would not be eligible to win the show. Then, last night, it was revealed that his time would be ending sooner than he thought when he was given a secret mission to be the next player to be blocked from "The Circle."

Judy hates Cats

Richard Madeley's game plan for his new mission was to target the much loved Tim, who has twice won the role of influencer.

Though Tim was openly annoyed by Judy from the comfort of his own apartment, he did not take Judy's provocation for him to react badly. Though Judy claimed not to be a fan of Siamese Cats, it turns out that Richard Madeley quite likes them.

Tim's polite responses then led Judy to take a more drastic approach and turn against Tim's beloved cat named Bey, telling Tim, "I don't trust people that like Siamese Cats." While this once again ruffled the feathers of Tim and the viewers at home, Tim remained the bigger person and once more refused to react negatively towards Judy.

The Scholar Squad

It wasn't only in their private chat that Judy targeted Tim, but she also showed off her cattiness in the headline based group chat too.

However, Richard Madeley's attempts to turn Judy against Tim did not get down very well with the rest of the group, especially Brooke who openly stuck up for Tim when Judy accused him of being a liar.

Later, The Scholar Squad as Brooke and Georgina checked in on Tim to make sure he wasn't too upset after Judy's accusations.

Though his fellow players took unkindly to Judy's comments, he was happy with his performance and the chances of getting himself blocked from "The Circle." His blocking will also see him give immunity to a player of his choice before his departure.

Woody and Georgina

The two youngest players in "The Circle," also bonded last night as Woody opened up to Georgina about his bisexuality.

Since his start on the show, Woody has found it hard to bond with his fellow players due to his dyslexia and has not hidden the fact that he has been finding the whole process overwhelming. Woody also opened up to fellow player Sammi about his dyslexia after she accused him of not being a team player.

Georgina was also able to open up about her struggles last night, in a conversation with Richard Madeley aka Judy who commended her on her second profile picture that showed off her ileostomy bag while wearing a bikini. Judy made sure to compliment her on her bravery for sharing a picture with her fellow players that showed off her vulnerability.