Soul diva and "Singing vegan mum" JB Rose release her latest single, "Gold," a follow-up on the 2020 smash summer hit, "Back to Love," it's a feel-good retro-soul tune that will remind the listener of Soul II Soul and Beverly Knight classics.

Rose has outdone herself with "Gold," and it's great to see she's collaborated again with hit-making duo Neville "2b3" Thomas (producer and remixer Erykah Badu, D’Angelo) and songwriter Chante Berry-Gordon.

The song inspires us to trust in our true worth, and it simply makes you smile and think of soulful summer nights on the dancefloor; as soon as we come out of lockdown, that's going to be us.

JB is a credible, authentic soul singer that pours her heart into everything she does, so unsurprisingly, JB does huge amounts in the community, writing uplifting soul Music and giving back to lift others as a vocal tutor at three charities Heart n Soul, Second Wave, and Clean Break, work that's clearly inspired her songwriting. "Back To Love" was JB Rose’s comeback single last summer.

JB is a passionate vegan and mum to two young boys, and she started her own YouTube channel to share her delicious recipes with fans and showcase her Music. She is also an advocate for diabetes have; her mum passed away with the disease in 2019, and she believes it is important that we all understand the nutritional values in the food we consume.

JB tells us more about her musical and home life.

Leah Marriott: Tell us why/how feeling down about the pandemic spurred you to write "Gold?"

JB Rose: I actually wrote my new single "Gold" after the success of my come-back single last year, "Back to Love." Since I came back on the scene with my new music, so many kind people like DJs, the public, and my family had had so many nice things to say about the song, my YouTube Vlogs, and my performances that it made me reflect on all the times I doubted myself and all those times when I held back rather than to go for it, or when people didn’t understand my vision and would dismiss my ideas.

When I sat down to write this new song, it made me think about the things that sometimes stop us from reaching for our goals, and I wanted to encourage people to love themselves and know that they are Gold. It’s all about self-belief.

Give us 3 things you do to stay positive?

I love exercising, running, going to the gym, and swimming.

I find that keeping fit really keeps me motivated and staying positive. I have a YouTube Vlog - JB Rose Sing Vegan Mum, where I share vegan recipes and vlog about my home life and my musical journey. Cooking healthy food and feeding my boys also helps me stay positive. In fact, it’s hard to get down with two demanding lively boys, and they keep me on my toes. And thirdly, in the morning, before I start my day, I meditate and breathe.