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‘Better Call Saul’ Season 4: Release Date and Returning Character

Arguably the greatest prequel in a TV series is about to take the center stage and as advertised, this is not for the weak heart.
Last season, ‘Better Call Saul’ did something that even ‘Breaking Bad’ wasn’t able to do. That is to come back stronger with a better plot and exceptional story. Rotten Tomatoes - who are very critical in giving reviews - provided them with an outstanding 9/10 rating. Yes, it did happen and there are no signs of them stopping. Nobody thought it would be possible, but then again, they just keep proving doubters wrong. With a few tweaks and exceptional acting by the main cast, it was easy for them to portray the role and scene that was given to them. The familiarization, chemistry and professionalism in the set is second to none. This is why season 4 will be an absolute blast. Gus True Relationship with Max Arciniega This angle might entirely steal the show in Season 4 as there’s a big possibility that this will be injected as the subplot. The right time has come for the fans to get some clarity on what is the real score between Gus and Max. They were presented as business...