With the San Diego Comic-Con ongoing, there has been quite a bit of news coming out about “The Walking Dead.” This includes not only the ongoing TV series, but also the first of the movies coming from the minds of the show’s creators.

Fans were upset at the way Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes left the show during season 9. At first it was reported that the British actor wished to spend more time with his family, hence leaving the role. However, whether due to fan pressure or just generally an idea at the time, three feature films are set to come into “The Walking Dead” universe, with the first, starring none other than Lincoln as Grimes, coming soon to cinemas.

Rick Grimes’ journey beyond 'TWD' season 9

Scott Gimple had said the upcoming movies will explore Rick Grimes’ journey after he was severely injured and swept away by a mysterious helicopter in season 9. He confirmed the films will not be shown on the AMC network, at least at the beginning, but will be screened in cinemas. It is likely the other two upcoming films will be handled the same way.

As noted by Empire, it seems that creating the movies is better on Lincoln’s family life than spending weeks away shooting episodes of the TV series and of course, Grimes’ fans will be thrilled.

To tease fans, Universal Picture released a very brief teaser trailer, showing a helicopter flying through the night towards a big city. The signature tune of the show then starts with a message that “Rick Grimes returns” followed by “only in theaters.”

While a title for “The Walking Dead” movie has not been released, or a release date for that matter, filming is likely starting next year and we are sure to hear more in the near future.

More departures from Rick’s 'TWD' family

After losing Carl Grimes a while back, and then losing Rick in season 9, it’s hard to believe that more heartbreak will be coming to the Grimes family.

However, news from Comic-Con also reveals that Danai Gurira said at the event that Season 10 of “The Walking Dead” will be her last. Gurira has played the role of Michonne since season three and was, of course, romantically involved with Rick.

Danai said on Friday that while she is physically leaving the show, “her heart will never leave” “TWD,” dubbing it an “amazing TV show.” While she didn’t say exactly how she would leave the show or the episode in which it is set to happen, she did say that playing the role of Michonne was one of “the purest joys” of her life.

This was in playing the role and being among those actors who are not in the show right now and those who are.

She confirmed that she was thankful for the experience she had with the show, saying the “TWD” family is forever. As reported by the Metro, after saying it had been a difficult decision to make, she said there are other opportunities she wishes to explore. This was followed by a standing ovation in Hall H at Comic-Con.