Viewers were finally able to find out who the third player to be blocked from "The Circle" was in last night's episode, after being left on a cliffhanger the night before, with the show coming to an abrupt end just before Tim announced if it would be Jay or Judy who would be leaving.

Richard Madeley was joyful after discovering that it was Judy who influencers Tim and Georgina had decided to block from the game. His successful secret mission meant that Richard Madeley was able to grant immunity to one player of his choosing.

After their heart to heart a few days earlier, Richard Madeley chose to visit Georgina and award her with immunity from the next blocking.

He also wanted to reassure her that the conversation they had, and everything he had told her was genuine. Georgina was once again brought to tears by the 68-year-old TV Presenter who called her brave from opening up about her health issues.

A handwriting analysis

To celebrate Brooke's birthday in "The Circle," her fellow players were able to surprise her with a special birthday message from each of them. However, the messages were to come in the form of a giant birthday card for Brooke, containing handwritten birthday wishes from each of her fellow players. This also gave each of the players a chance to analyse each other's handwriting.

Perhaps the most excited for this, besides birthday girl Brooke was calligraphist Tim, who was particularly interested in Jay's handwriting style.

Though Tim was fairly confident in the fact that Jay was actually a catfish, even figuring out that the person playing as Jay was his real-life Mother Katie, he wanted to see the handwriting to confirm his thoughts. When the card finally arrived at Tim's door he was overjoyed to see that it did.

Sammi who is also a catfish being played by Scouse lad James was also worried about whether or not he could make his handwriting look convincingly like a girl, or if it would give the game away completely about her true identity.

Bratwurst for Brooke

Brooke's birthday celebrations did not end with her card, but the bilingual beauty was also gifted with an Oktoberfest themed birthday party for her and all of her fellow players. "The Circle's" Oktoberfest included lederhosen, steins, bratwurst and Brad Pitt.

In a hilarious surprise for catfish Sammi aka James and catfish Jay aka Katie, the pair received lederhosen outfits for the opposite sex.

Meaning that Katie received shorts while Sammi was given a dress and wig to wear. But they both took it in their stride as they joined in the fun, especially Sammi who wore both her wig and dress as she danced to German dance music at "The Circle's" Oktoberfest disco.