Mel B's panic attack on the weekend was understandable. Daily Mail UK reported she totally lost her vision and got rushed to a hospital. It came after she suddenly went blind and could not see. However, after treatment, it looks like the Spice Girls' tour's on track again. According to the news outlet, a source said, "'Mel was in a really bad way. The other girls and their managers were really worried."

Spice Girls and Mel B still on track for Dublin

According to a report by the Metro, "The situation with Mel is under control. She is looking forward to the tour.'" They also added that "the group had been supporting Mel," and ‘"they made sure they weren’t behind on rehearsals, which have been going really well."' That's a huge relief, so obviously, the medical treatment worked.

It looks like as planned, the tour will kick off in Dublin this coming Friday.

Plus, the Spice Girls were right on top of rehearsals. So, it looks okay for now. Of course, fans can understand why Mel B panicked and apparently rushed off with an assistant holding her hand. Suddenly losing all vision must be really scary!

Total loss of vision might relate to earlier laser surgery gone wrong

Across the media, it seems that Mel's been worried about laser eye surgery she experienced a while back. In 2014 she spoke to Hello! Magazine, and explained how she underwent surgery for poor eyesight. However, it apparently got "botched." Back then, she said, "I can’t see at all out of my left eye." So now, not being able to see out of either eye was understandably terrifying.

Nobody knows for sure exactly what went wrong for Mel B on Friday, but she looks forward to the tour, according to a spokesperson for the Spice Girls. Since the incident, Mel took to her Instagram to let everyone know she's "Getting glam ready for “spice girls” dress run’s Show time ladies."

Fans ask about Mel B's health on her Instagram

Of course, Spice Girl fans, happy to hear she's getting all dolled up for the tour asked questions and hoped she'll be fine.

Here's what some them said about it:

  • @car**: "She lost sight yes but got it immediate help."
  • @mel**: "Melanie Janine is your eye okay!?!?!"
  • @gam**: "So excited to see you in Dublin on Friday ."
  • @ny***: "feel better beautiful lady."
  • @Ste**: "hope you are alright again be careful with your health. We need you on stage, girl. Love you so much 5 days to go till I see you on one of 10 amazing shows❤️❤️❤️❤️."
  • @Blo**: "Hey honey are you ok? I read you go to hospital."

Those very kind sentiments to Mel B must surely put a smile back on her face.

What do you think about Mel not being able to see and like totally blind? Are you happy the UK tour looks to be back on the cards?

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