Fox Bar is the place to be in Munich whenever you would like to chill with cool people and discover brand-new music. Just before her concert at Fox, I had the chance to meet Australian Singer Jess Spahr for a laid-back interview in Lost Weekend one of my favourite vegan cafés in Munich.

Annabel: Hey Jess! Good to meet you! Let's talk about your song "Gravity" which is a song off your 2018 EP "Wilderness", which is a song about manifesting. What inspired you to write that song?

Jess: "For those who have watched Outlander on Netflix, it was actually written about the actor that plays the main character, Jamie Fraser.

I believe he is going to be my husband OR at least I want him to be. Gosh, that sounds SO stalkerish, right? (laughs)

It is always great when different ideas in life inspire you to write songs".

Annabel: Awww… I saw it has a galactic theme to it, which is really beautiful. Would you consider yourself as spiritual?

Jess: "It does have a galactic theme to it, which demonstrates the idea of "Gravity". The inspiration of seeing a character on a TV show, which then led to writing a song is always so uplifting, especially when they make your heart flutter!

In terms of being a spiritual person, I do consider myself to be one. I believe in guardian angels and a higher power out there that we can’t explain.

I do believe if you give in to the universe and give it your full love, that positive energy will be returned to you".

Annabel: That's so nice! I believe exactly in the same things. Most of your songs seem to be about love, right?

Jess: "Totally! There is nothing like getting a broken heart and then pouring it out into your music.

Most of my songs are about my past relationships and talking about the universe and providing positive energy. If it wasn’t for my divorce (which wasn’t so positive) I would never have had the opportunity to write music and actually explore this area. I also would never have learnt how to love myself for who I am as a person.

So it all turned out wonderfully!"

Annabel: So you broke free with those lyrics and processed your emotions?

Jess: "Absolutely!!! Telling my stories through music is such an awesome way to get closure..."

Annabel: So before that you were performing mainly at home, making music for yourself?

Jess: "Pretty much. I also work as a music teacher. Music has always been part of my life but I wasn't doing too much back then except for some random wedding gigs. One day I ended up sitting there, thinking "I gotta do this! I gotta be confident!" and here we are in Europe today".

Annabel: It is so empowering for other women who are going through something to get inspired to write about their feelings, to paint or express themselves in other ways.

Jess: "Totally! All these feelings do bottle up inside of you. It's hard. You need to write them down. And if they are not created into music, they could be created into a poem or a diary, something that is personal to you and helps you get through those emotional times".

Annabel: You started with your music career very early. At what age did you first discover your outstanding talent and voice?

Jess: "Well, I started when I was five years old.That'ss when I learnt to play the violin. My music teacher at that time was playing all these different Instruments. Originally I wanted to play the clarinette but my mother said no (laughs). The violin was my next choice. From there I actually had heaps of success with different Instruments and did many performances at different events.

What makes my music so unique is that I play the violin, piano and other instruments that I taught myself. I didn't start singing until i was around 15 or 16. Later I studied classical singing, which I loved, at university".

Annabel: You have such a volume in your voice which reminds me of singers like Adele. She can also go really deep and then again hit higher notes. In my opinion, you have the same emotions inside of you. What other musicians inspire you?

Jess: "I really love London Grammar as well as Adele, but heaps of musicians inspire me in different ways".

Annabel: How long are you touring in Europe now?

Jess: "I am touring for two weeks in Europe. I did my first show in Berlin, which was absolutely amazing.

I love the vibe of the German people and being German myself makes it really special; I just wish I could speak more German!"

After my performance tonight, I am going to perform in "The Islington" in London which will be my last gig on September 29. We are also going to do a bit of sight-seeing. Also, we're planning to visit Salzburg and Strassbourg. After I've finished everything, I go back up to Hamburg and Bremen to stay with my family for a bit. Then I will return to Australia to escape the cold winter here. Next year I'm definitely coming back to Europe for another tour".

Annabel: What other plans do you have for the future?

Jess: "My new EP will be more electro-pop and that's where the sound of tensions comes from.

I am still exploring my sound, where it sits in the world of music. I love to have variety and I'm very much into Irish Folk Music which you can hear in some of my songs such as "The Irish Geek". Right now I am focussing on just performing. I would totally love to be in Europe. Eventually, I would like to move to Europe, probably to Germany. Unfortunately, I don't know the language well enough YET, but I will (laughs). But everybody speaks English over here, so it is really welcoming. I can speak a little German enough to get around, but my goal is to be fluent. There is so much vibe over here, which is awesome. Touring right now is the main thing".

Annabel: So your European fans have something to look forward to!

Where can people follow you to keep up-to-date with your upcoming shows and music?

Jess: "They can follow me on Youtube, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram. My new single 'Bring Me Down to My Knees' is coming out next week".

Annabel: One more question: What's your best advise for women who have a broken heart?

Jess: "Just take each day as it comes. A broken heart totally drags you down. It is not going to heal within a day or in a month. It will heal when it needs to heal. Just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It will get easier eventually. Just take some time for yourself and do whatever makes you feel good like drinking a bottle of wine, going to the gym, buying yourself some nice clothes, make yourself feel good.

Who cares? It does not really matter. It is really important to have a supportive unit around you as well. I'm very lucky to have good friends around me like my best friend, my parents and my sister. It's so wonderful to have a reliable network that will catch you when you fall. Surround yourself with friends and family".

Annabel: Thanks so much for the interview!

Jess: "Thanks for having me! See you next time in Europe!"