Robert Murphy is an ITV News reporter, based in Bristol. While doing some research on the elusive artist Banksy, he came across footage of an interview allegedly with the artist. The video footage shows a man with his face partially covered and wearing a t-shirt and baseball cap.

The interview reportedly happened prior to the artist’s 2003 “Turf War” exhibition in London. The artist can be seen to be stencilling a black insect on a wall and also working on a painting of a baby playing with alphabet blocks, spelling out the words “KILL MORE.” Both paintings have always been believed to be the work of Banksy.

Interview with the stealth artist Banksy?

Haig Gordon, an ITV News correspondent, interviewed the man, who can be heard speaking for 35 seconds. In the footage, the man is asked why he stays anonymous and he says he stays in disguise as you can’t really work with graffiti and go public. “Banksy” then says that writing graffiti and going public just don’t go together.

In the background to the interview, the “Turf War” exhibition shows live farm animals decorated with arrows saying “this way up.” Pigs can be seen, coloured with blue police patrol car colours. Speaking about the display, the interviewee explains that it is hard at the best of times to make an “entertaining picture.” He went on to say that if you at least have something wandering around and licking its nose, then urinating in front of you, it makes the image more appealing.

Interviewer asks about previous work

Banksy famously spray painted the words “Designated Riot Area” on Nelson’s Column in London and when asked, the interviewee says he thought it was “quite funny.” Gordon then asks the man if he minds if he passes on his details to the police, to which “Banksy” replies no, asking what details he has actually got.

When Murphy found the footage in the ITV News archives, he did concede that it was not possible to say for sure that the man was Banksy himself. He did say the clip shows an artist allegedly creating Banksy’s art at a Banksy exhibition.

Gordon remembers the interview, saying the man was relaxed and laid back and that he “quite took to him.” He had reportedly been expecting a “pretentious arty-farty type,” but found the man to be pleasant.

Gordon admits that he can’t say for sure that this was the real Banksy. However, he did say this seems to be an organised event and that the press officer seemed to be normal and not playing a trick on the media.

Gordon goes on to say that he had seen Banksy’s face, but cannot recall it, which he said was such a waste. According to the Guardian, Banksy’s “people” were not impressed to hear the news on Thursday, saying they had no comment and that they get “loads of these.”