The Edinburgh Fringe is the world's largest arts festival, it spans 25 days and features more than 55,000 performers across 3,550, attracting fans from across the globe.

Nick Dixon

One of those performers is comedian Nick Dixon (you might recognise him from TV's Go Compare advert, where he nailed the role of a mumbling discontented white man with a beard), who made his debut at the festival last year with his stand-up show 'Marriage Material', which by all accounts was a great success.

This year the promising newcomer is delving a little deeper into his religious beliefs and has written a light-hearted Comedy show about making a return to Christianity.

'Christianity and Me'

He is fully aware that a decision to return to his Christian Faith could be controversial and shameful, he doesn't want to be mocked and detested by his fellow comics, his relatives, and most of the British nation. But, with mental health issues on the rise, relationships between men and women breaking down and a society divided, Nick believes a return to the Christian faith might be helpful to us all.

Will Smith

Nick who's biggest career accolade to date is writing jokes for Hollywood heavyweight Will Smith's Genie character in the remake of Disney's 'Aladdin', firmly believes there could be some sort of 'spiritual crisis,' in the UK. He says "People are becoming depressed because there seems to be more promiscuity with marriages falling apart, abortion becoming normal."

"Christianity and Me" offer audiences a humorous take on a youngish man returning to a religion having wrestled in with what he believes in.

Nick said: "I'm asking 'what is a Christian?' and what do I have to do as a normal-ish bloke? It's not a sermon; it's a funny comedy show, not a sermon which emphasises the values of the Christian faith in a way that is light-hearted and relatable to everyone."

He adds: "I've noticed young men particularly, are returning to Christianity."

Nick was shocked during the research for his show, he looked some of the issues Christians are facing worldwide “Christians are being harassed in over 70 countries across the globes including Sri Lanka, China, I have some experience in Egypt as my ex-fiancée was a Coptic Christian.

After the Sri Lanka terror attacks at Easter, former Prime minister Theresa May focused on churches and hotels and didn't even mention Christians. In the UK and the West, it's like we are embarrassed, we don’t support and or stand up for the Christianity Beliefs," he says.

With his brilliant one-liners and charismatic delivery, "Christianity & Me" is on nightly at 7.15 PM at The Mash House, throughout August.