After being voted as Influencers, single Mum, Sammie and ex-Monk Tim were tasked with blocking the first player of series two. A decision that neither player was looking forward to making.

Before it came to decision time, all the players had the chance to get to know each other. While Sammie who is actually Scouse lad, James had her first girls chat, youngest player Woody decided to interact with the eldest player Tim. The sweet conversation between Tim and Woody saw them bond over cats, spirituality, and monkhood.

Hard decisions

Who they would choose to send home, was not the only tough decision Tim and Sammie had to make in last nights episode of "The Circle." As they along with their fellow players participated in a game "The Circle" called "Ice Breaker." Questions included 'Who is more superior Cats or Dogs?' 'Do you have a party trick?' and 'Should there be a second referendum?'

Farmer Sy showed off his funny side in the post question chat, telling his fellow players "My party trick involves a pig, but I don't think any of you have one laying around.'

Emelle is blocked

Tim and Sammie were sent off to 'The Hangout' to enjoy a cocktail before making their decision.

After going through each player individually they both picked one who they definitely wanted to keep, Tim picked Brooke, while Sammie picked Georgina. In the end, they came to the decision that Emelle who changed her age and sexuality as part of her game plan should be blocked from "The Circle."

Just as it was in series one of "The Circle," the blocked player choses one of their fellow players who they would like to meet before they leave for good. After taking a tearful timeout Emelle made the decision to go and meet fellow player Sammie to end her time on the show.

It was no surprise to the viewers at home when Emelle entered the apartment and was shocked to see James stood where she expected Sammie to be.

During their visit, James explained how he felt that Emelle questioning Sammie's decision to leave baby Charlie at home, would have upset the single Mum had she been real. He earlier questioning of Sammie in the girl's chat was a key reason for her blocking.

Richard becomes Judy

The results of the public vote meant that Richard Madeley would be spending his time in "The Circle" as 27-year-old, Model, Judy.

A decision that came as quite a shock to the 63-year-old TV presenter.

Richard's hilarious attempts to keep Judy's profile and her story, short and sweet saw him almost writing an essay about her life. The profile included Judy's failed engagement which she broke off, boarding school woes as well as her career history. Now all Richard has to do is convince the rest of the players that Judy is the real deal and not a catfish.