Shruti Haasan is the daughter of famous South Indian and Tamil Film star Kamala Haasan and Mumbai actress of yesteryears Sarika Thakur. The 33-year-old actress has been acting in Tamil films for over a decade and a half. She also tried her luck in Bollywood but did not meet with much success. Shruti was reportedly in a steady relationship with Michael Corsale for over four years. Micheal is a British star who has acted in films. Earlier this year, reports had surfaced that the couple had parted ways. has reported that the actress has confirmed that she is no longer in a relationship with the British star.


The actress revealed the information about the breakup in a TV show "Up With the Stars." Lakshmi Manchu hosted the show. The actress was candid about the end of her relationship with her ex-beau Micheal Corsale. She went on to add she is on the lookout for "that one great love." Shruti, however, confessed that her relationship with Corsale was a "very good experience "for her.

Shruti and Michael were dating for a number of years. They went public about their relationship on Instagram in 2016. The relationship was pretty hectic as the two were working thousands of miles apart. They perforce had to shuttle between Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Chennai to be in each other's company. has reported that Micheal has confirmed the breakup.

He hinted at it in a tweet in early 2019 when he mentioned that his lady love, and he would walk the solo path as they were on opposite sides of the globe.

Single girl

Shruti is now a single girl again and will try to resurrect her career in both Chennai and Mumbai. The actress has confirmed that she has no regrets about the breakup, but it was a"good experience."

Shruti Haasan and Michael Corsale were dating for a couple of years before the breakup, and one can sense the hurt in Shruti's interview when she said that she would await her true love in life.

On the work front, Shruti Haasan is expecting the release of her upcoming Tamil film 'Laabam". Directed by SP Jananathan, the film has Vijay Sethupathi playing the lead role. The actress had made a foray into Bollywood but could not make an impact. This could be her last chance to try and break into the world of Hindi cinema.

It will not be easy as age is not on her side, and established stars will be loathed to surrender their place to her.

Last word

Her father, an accomplished star, tried his hand at politics and floated a new party, but in the previous general election, he and his party could not win a single seat to the Lok Sabha (Parliament). Despite his stature, he remained second fiddle to Rajinikanth, whose film "Petta" proved his position. Shruthi will have time to reflect on her relationship and breakup with Michael Corsale. Shruthi, who had deleted all her photos with Micheal on social media, feels she is free and can get back to her passion for singing and acting.