Netflix UK & Ireland, Amazon Prime Video, and author Neil Gaiman all had a lot of fun on Twitter after a Christian group by the name of 'Return to Order' petitioned Netflix to cancel a show which is actually being streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

“Good Omens” is based on the 1990 novel of the same name by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Now a television fantasy series, the show features an angel and demon working together in an attempt to stop an apocalypse. Michael Sheen plays the role of the angel, David Tennant is the demon and Benedict Cumberbatch voices the role of Satan, while Frances McDormand plays the female voice of God.

Christian group petitions against 'mocking' series

The petition by Return to Order had reportedly garnered more than 20,000 signatures, although it could have been more. Once the story hit the social media headlines about their mistake, the original petition was taken down. However, according to the Christian group, the television show is yet another step towards making Satanism “appear normal.” They wrote that the show “mocks God’s wisdom.” According to a report by the Guardian, they were also against a woman being the voice of God.

According to the Guardian, the Return to Order petition continued by saying this kind of television show goes to destroy the “barriers of horror” society has erected for the Devil, by making light of “Truth, Error, Good and Evil.” However, it was, of course, the fact that the Christian group petitioned Netflix, and not the actual platform streaming the television show, that caused a lot of humour.

Author responds to Return to Order petition

Neil Gaiman tweeted on Wednesday to show his good humour over the petition. Besides being co-author of the book, he is also the screenwriter for each episode of the series and it seems he takes criticism well. In his tweet, Gaiman wrote how “beautiful” it was they had made the mistake, asking people to promise to not tell them.

Netflix UK & Ireland also responded humorously to the story on Twitter, promising not to make any more episodes of “Good Omens.”

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video US also responded on Twitter with a touch of humour and a promise they couldn’t really keep, by telling Netflix they would cancel “Stranger Things” if Netflix would cancel “Good Omens.”

‘Good Omens' fans can relax

After the whole petition debacle led to nothing but good humour and laughter on both sides, fans of “Good Omens” shouldn’t worry too much about a likely cancelation. Meanwhile, as pointed out by Entertainment Weekly, anyone is free is challenge any of the streaming channels if they feel wronged by any series. However, try to make sure you petition the right one!