Chantel Everett is not backing down to her haters. The American reality star has been starring in the second season of the "Family Chantel" spinoff. Still, she has come under criticism from a section of fans who have speculated that she underwent a plastic surgery procedure to enhance her breasts. However, Chantel recently took to Instagram to address the rumors, and she slammed her critics for spreading false rumors about her.

Chantel slams her haters for claiming that her breast are fake

According to InTouch Weekly, the 29-year-old reality star shared a series of pictures of herself throughout the years.

In one of the pictures, Chantel posted a photo of herself from 2009 and compared it to a photograph she took last year. Despite the rumors claiming that she had plastic surgery to enhance her breast, it was clear that Chantel's breasts appeared similar in both pictures. The American reality star explained that she had never enlarged her boobs, but she admitted that she had gained weight over the past few months, which is why her breasts appear bigger. Chantel later posted an Instagram story highlighting her breasts. According to In Touch Weekly, she slammed her haters by claiming that they wished her breasts were fake.

Fans are still skeptical since Chantel has had Botox injections in the past

While Chantel has denied having plastic breast surgery, she has admitted to having Botox operations in the past. During a recent episode of the "Family Chantel," the American reality star confessed that she had received Botox injections on her forehead.

Chantel made the revelation during an interview for a nursing position with a local plastic surgeon. After the interview, one TLC producer asked her whether she has undergone any additional cosmetic procedures, but the 29-year-old reality star refused to give a direct answer to the question.

"90 Day Fiancé" viewers are still skeptical about Chantel's denial about her potential breast operation.

Some fans feel that her boobs appear perkier than they did during her previous runs on the "90 Day Fiancé" franchise. Fans can tune in to TLC to watch the ongoing season of the "Family Chantel" to find out more about Chantel's love story with her husband, Pedro Jimeno. Even though the couple has been married for more than two years, they have insisted that they have no plans to have a child together. In a past interview, the two reality stars claimed that they would only have a baby if their families finally got along. Pedro has kept a low profile over the ongoing controversy surrounding his wife's breasts. However, the Dominican Republic reality star could comment on the situation in the coming days.