The most shocking rating results were revealed to the players, after the fourth round of ratings in which new players Beth and Jack were safe from being rated but were allowed to rate their fellow players. While Tim was made influencer for the fourth time coming in second place, it came as a shock to all the players as Ella, who was eligible to be rated for the first time, found herself in top position.

Sammi, who was twice influencer, found that she had dropped down to the sixth position while Georgina who had been an influencer in the last round of ratings had was now in the fifth position.

However, she had nothing to worry about after being granted immunity by Judy.

Player portraits

The players were both excited and nervous when they discovered that it was time for "The Circle's" anonymous game of "Player Portraits." A game where each player anonymously paints a portrait of another player, allowing them to be as brutal or as kind as they want to be without consequence.

While many of the paintings such as Jay's portrait of Tim and Bey looking festive were complimentary, some were more savage, causing upset in "The Circle." Georgina, who painted Sammi, caused chaos as every other player reacted negatively to the painting, leaving Georgina in tears, not realising that her portrait would be interpreted in such as negative way by her fellow players.

Savage Sammi

James playing as single Mum, Sammi really got into character during the game, responding to the anonymous portrait by saying 'Not gonna lie this has hurt me so much...This is vile, why the question marks?' After Georgina painted numerous question marks to question the realness of Sammi's character and the existence of baby Charlie.

Later during the "At-Risk" chat Sammi kept up her upset telling her fellow players 'Families don't paint horrible pictures about each other, so it's quite clear we're not one big happy family.' after her fellow player wrote reassuring messages to each other about how close they had all become during their time in "The Circle."

Catfish meets catfish

Four-time influencer Tim and new influencer Ella ultimately decided to block Jay, who had consistently been rated middle of the road player throughout his time in "The Circle." Jay's blocking boiled down to Tim's suspicions that he was actually being played by his own Mother and Ella's feeling that he was one dimensional.

A feeling that had also be shared by Georgina during the last influencer chat.

Jay's blocking meant that the viewers were gifted with a moment they had all been waiting for, as his departure meant that Katie/Jay would finally get to meet the player she had become closest too, fellow catfish James/Sammi. However, viewers were once again left hanging as the show abruptly ended just as the two catfishes' eyes met.