It turns out Prince Charles and Daniel Craig have something in common, as both men love Aston Martin sports cars. When the heir to the throne visited the Film set for the 25th James Bond film in his Bentley, he got to see one of the eight classic 1960 Aston Martin DB5s which were built specially for the film.

While the 25th Bond film is as yet unnamed and has been plagued by one delay after another, this didn’t stop Prince Charles from having an enjoyable visit. As can be seen from the video below, the two men spent some pleasant moments chatting about the sports cars

‘Boys with toys’

‘Bond 25’ film producer Barbara Broccoli was there too and said Prince Charles had plenty to talk about with Daniel, as they stood next to one of the 1960s Aston Martins and a Vantage from around 1980.

Charles had said at the time that the cars were the interesting thing on the set – “much more interesting.” Broccoli said both men obviously have a love for Aston Martins, referring to them as “Boys with toys.”

During the Prince’s visit to Pinewood Studios, Broccoli also said that James Bond and the Royal Family are “two great British traditions.” She went on to tell the Press Association that this is the 25th film in the Bond series. She added that there have been almost 60 years of the making of Bond films in Britain. She added that Prince Charles has been on the set in the past and said they were happy to see him back. Speaking of the film itself, she said its “fantastic,” adding they have a terrific film in store for everyone.

Last Bond film for Daniel Craig

Craig reportedly had some minor cuts to his face, which the Express reports were thought to be make-up rather than injury. The actor has vowed that “Bond 25” will be his last movie in the series, but he was happy to meet with the Prince of Wales on the set.

Prince Charles, 70, is a patron of the British Film Institute and is also a royal patron of the British intelligence services, hence his interest in visiting the set.

While there, he recalled his first visit to the film studios, when he toured the set of “Sink the Bismarck!” in 1960. He also spoke about being on the set of one of the “Pink Panther” movies starring Peter Sellers. He jokes that filming was constantly being interrupted because everybody “collapsed in hysterics” at Sellers’ antics.

Craig, 51, admitted to Charles that they also get hysterical at times, normally towards the end of the filming day.

While at Pinewood, Prince Charles also met Craig’s fellow actors Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes, as well as director Cary Fukunaga. He got to watch one of the rushes of a scene filmed with Naomie and then visited Q’s workshop. Due to the secrecy surrounding the film, the media only got to film outside the set.