Idris Elba has lent again his support to anti- knife charity Faz Amnesty, with the ‘Luther’ star launching a new Fashion collection to highlight Britain’s crime epidemic. As knife-related tragedies in the UK reach worrying levels, the well-respected actor, director and DJ has united with Fatboy Slim (aka Norman Cook) as his clothes label called ‘2HR SET’ illustrates not only his passion for music, but also includes a few pieces featuring the poignant “Don’t Stab Your Future” motif.

Proceeds from that specific line of clothing campaign will go to the Faz Amnesty charity set up by stabbing victim, Faron Alex Paul, an organisation aimed at preventing crimes related to the possession of knives and guns.

Launch of Faz Amnesty

Faron Paul is a determined young man who was so shocked by the knives that he saw some teenagers carrying, that he made the bold decision to take action by setting up the Faz Amnesty campaign, which included social media posts that asked for people to hand their knives over to him. In return, he offered to swap them for vouchers, with the knives being handed over to the police.

2HR SET goes worldwide

2HR SET launched in the UK last year and thanks to a sell out response, it is now officially going worldwide and will include a wide selection of unisex clothing that reflects Elba’s love for Music. With an obvious link to his passion for DJing, Elba refers to “two hours” as his “window to go for it, get it done, and get it done well.” But what the “it” refers to is open-ended and can be whatever the individual wants it to be, in Elba’s view.

‘Drop 2’ includes something for just about everyone, with branded sweatpants, headwear, hoodies and of course t-shirts available to provide a cool look for the summer months to come.

Vocal in his stand against knife crime

Elba has previously spoken of his major concerns about Knife crime, calling for other celebrities to join him in taking a stand against it and urging young men to think hard about their future before they take action that could have a detrimental effect on their life and career aspirations.

Previous concerns aired on Instagram

Back in March of this year, his concerns were reported in the UK press including “The Telegraph”, as he suggested that young people carrying knives were making their communities “look stupid.” On Instagram he let his millions of followers know that knife crime was not new and “it's affecting everyone, we all look stupid,” and added that “you're just going to stab your future if you go and stab someone else.”

The 46-year old was born in Hackney and was reacting to the rapid increase in knife crime in the capital in recent years, which has seen the tragic death of many young people as a direct consequence.