The Bald Builders have added writing children's Books to their toolbox, with the release of "The Bald Book Club." Brad Hanson and Sam Hughes, together known as The Bald Builders, have been keeping themselves busy during the lockdown, with the launch of "The Bald Book Club".

They have released a collection of motivational and educational children’s books. The collection of stories is written by one half of the comedic duo, Brad Hanson and illustrated by Thomas Cadogan, The Bald Builders videographer.

The Bald Builders

Brad and Sam began posting videos as The Bald Builders, from their van, in 2018.

In the last two years, their platforms have continued to grow, with them just shy of one million followers across their YouTube and Facebook pages.

The duo is frequently joined in their videos by the Bald family – Rhiannon (a.k.a. The Boss), Debs (a.k.a. Grotbags), Calvin, Matt and Tom. Hanson’s four children, Char, Ted, Frank and Sage, and their French bulldog Jimmy, who are often referred to as their ‘staff members’, also feature in the videos. They are also the inspiration behind the books.

The Bald Book Club

The illustrated children books [VIDEO] are based on The Bald family’s day to day life activities with a combination of motivational and educational lessons, like learning to count, which are included in the books.

They also teach the importance of having a good work ethic.

In an interview with Brad Hanson, one half of The Bald Builders, he stated, “Our mission is to create fun, friendly, motivational and family content via the books. We would love to think that the kids’ reading them will feel that they can achieve anything in life.”

The first three books in the collection teach how to count, learning the alphabet - the builders way and how to make a burger - under the supervision of a parent.

Each book is illustrated to the likeness to 'The Bald Family'.

Monthly subscription

Whilst the current pandemic in the country has left uncertainty for all; the duo has created a monthly subscription service that they name ‘The Bald Book Club’, which sends out a brand-new children’s book each month, giving them something to look forward too.

Writing children stories is something Brad and his wife have wanted to do for a while and being home with the family during lockdown allowed them to write, have the stories illustrated by Thomas Cadogan, and set up the subscription service. Hanson said, “Lockdown brought us as a family very close together and we used the downtime to have fun with lots of video content as well as writing our first 5 kids’ books.”

The five books make up the beginning of The Bald Book Club, which are available to purchase through their website at a cost of £6.95 a month.