Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have been divorced for 23 years, but rumours are rampant that they are now back together. There is even a couple of news that the ex-couple is planning to remarry, although it never gets confirmed. With their incredible closeness, a body language expert even claimed they seem secretly back together.

Prince Andrew and Sarah got married at Westminster Abbey in 1996. After 10 years and two daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, they got divorced.

However, they remain amicable, close, and still living together at the Royal Lodge.

So, what’s the real deal between these two?

A matching pin and dress

A body language expert, named Judi James, analysed Prince Andrew and Sarah’s images from the recent Royal Ascot 2019. She revealed that the Duke of York’s accessory seemed to have a connection to the Duchess of York’s attire.

With the Prince's yellow rose in his lapel that matches Sarah's attire and their seemed relaxed body language, she told Express they look like "current" couple than "exes."

At the event, Sarah donned a bright yellow dress paired with a teal hat and a matching teal and gold velvet bag. Although her ex-husband was wearing a black suit, he seemed to make an effort by matching his former spouse’s outfit with a yellow tulip in his buttonhole.

James added Sarah also had a demure pose of hands at the event, clasped in front of her body. But when she lifted one hand away, it seemed to go toward Prince Andrew, which looked like a "truncated touch."

Although the two seemed to avoid eye contact, James’ noticed that Sarah’s chin was up, she had a warm smile, and her splayed feet seemed to suggest that she was confident and there was no awkwardness between them.

Her smile even looked proud and the 59-year-old prince seemed to be enjoying her company.

Remarrying rumours between the exes

Prince Andrew and Sarah have been surrounded by remarrying rumours since the latter became visible to royal events once again. It all started when she attended Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in May 2018.

To add fuel to the fire, ITV News royal editor Chris Ship revealed they were “unofficially back together.” He said in April that the two spent a weekend in Bahrain on a private visit, which the Bahrain Crown Prince, Prince Salman, hosted.

But despite the claims, the Duchess’ spokesman continuously denied that Prince Andrew and Sarah have a romantic relationship. He insisted they only remain as good friends and nothing about their bond has changed.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams even supported the claim, saying they have never left each other, although they were divorced. They have “always been close,” but their friendship should never be taken to another level. So, there would be no remarriage happening between the two.