Last night's episode of "The Circle" saw Richard Madeley aka Judy finally able to meet her fellow players. As the other players welcomed Judy into 'The Circle,' Richard sat bewildered as he tried to understand the language of emojis, worried that he may not come across as a convincing 27-year-old woman.

However, three of his fellow players able to overlook any flaws in Judy's character were Woody, Sammi, , and Georgina after they all received gifts from the newest member of "The Circle." Woody received a doughnut tree, Sammi was gifted a spa package, and Georgina fell in love with a giant teddy bear she named Gus.

A teddy named Gus

During a girl chat between Georgina, Judy, Brooke, and Sammi the single ladies all gushed over Gus, as Georgina gushed over her new cuddly companion. Another player who has made a new friend is Woody, who befriended a small dachshund ornament shortly after arriving in his apartment.

Tim will also have companionship throughout his time in "The Circle," in the form of one of his cats named, Bey, who appears to be enjoying her new surroundings. But, James decided to bring along Sammi's fictional son Charlie to join her on her journey in "The Circle."

Granddad Tim

Since his arrival 58-year-old, Tim has taken the younger, more vulnerable players under his wing. Bonding with the youngest player Woody and becoming a reliable figure for Brooke and Georgina.

Even though Tim has been left out of the 'Lads chat' he has found his place with the female players revealing last night to Brooke and Georgina that he was in fact in a relationship with another man.

On last night's episode, Tim got even sweeter, taking time out to chat with single mum Sammi about her baby son Charlie. Though James who is playing as Sammi did not see it this way, saying to himself 'If you keep this up you are going to get yourself blocked,' despite not being given the title of Influencer again.

James' lies and arrogance has viewers worried that Tim will be left heartbroken when all is revealed.

Sammi and Jay

In an unexpected twist to "The Circle," James, the son of a single Mum, playing as Sammi quickly befriended Jay who is actually being played by his own Mother Katie who is a real single Mum herself.

Despite playing the game as someone else, Katie has been unable to notice that any of her fellow players might be playing the game the same way, flirting on behalf of her son with both Sammi and Judy.

In their private chats, the pair have bonded over their experiences of single parenthood. However, they are playing from the opposite sides of their own experiences, neither knowing that they are both in fact catfishes. It will be interesting to see how they react to each other when they are finally able to meet.