The “Last Christmas” movie is set to showcase George Michael’s Music, as the “Game Of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke headlines in the romantic comedy set for release in the UK on November 15th featuring some of the late Wham! star’s most popular tracks. The festive Film soundtrack looks set to ensure the legacy of George – who tragically died in 2016, aged 53 – lives on for his millions of fans and admirers across the globe.

From a story by the multi-talented British thespian Emma Thompson and her husband Greg Wise, and under the direction of Paul Feig (“Bridesmaids”, “Spy”), “Last Christmas” tells the tale of a cynical and somewhat accident-prone Christmas store worker, Kate (Clarke) who encounters the ever-cheerful Tom played by Henry Golding.

Despite an inauspicious start, as with every good rom-com, Kate gradually finds herself becoming attracted to the affable and seemingly worldly-wise Tom, as he has a habit of turning up just when she needs him to provide good advice and assistance.

The much-anticipated seasonal tale – understood to have had the backing of George prior to his death – also includes Michelle Yeoh who plays the character of “Santa”, the owner of the Christmas store where Kate accepts a job dressing up as an elf. Thompson – along with Bryony Kimmings – shares the screenplay credits but also finds time to pop up in the film itself as Kate’s mum. Despite plenty of initial critical apathy to the film, George’s music shines through as bright as ever.

New George Michael track featured on Zoe Ball’s show

Earlier this week, a previously unheard track titled “This Is How” by George was unveiled on the Zoe Ball breakfast show on Radio 2, a song which also features on the soundtrack of the “Last Christmas” movie. Ball added her backing to the popularity of the late music icon stating that she “was, and am, a huge Wham!

And George Michael fan” and added that even after his death “his music remains a joy to us all.”

Andrew Ridgeley book evoked Wham! memories

Memories of George’s early days with Wham! bandmate Andrew Ridgeley was also recently evoked when his co-collaborator released the book “Wham! George & Me” and publicised it on television and in the media.

And the strength of the George Michael legacy is clearly demonstrated in the accounts of the various companies set up to handle the money from continued sales of the records he produced during his lifetime.

Healthy company accounts reflect star’s continued popularity

As has been the case with many other previous musicians who were revered whilst still alive, the magic and talent evident in George Michael’s back catalogue has ensured that his songs continue to be bought. Consequently, accounts filed with Companies House in September have revealed that four such firms had cash and assets totalling around £5.3 million, including Big Geoff Overseas Ltd (£2.1m), Wham Music Ltd (£1.5m), Robobuild Ltd (£1.1m) and Nobby’s Holdings Ltd (£641k).