"Love Island" 2019 saw Tom Walker arrive fully intent of grooving with more than just one woman. In fact, he got the hots on for Elma but she got sent away. That meant Maura came back onto his radar. Actually, Maura overheard the male model hunk tell the other men that he fully intended to discover if she's "all mouth or not". Briefly, Tom got back in the good books but he'd messed it up again. Anyway, he's got a smooth mouth when he wants to and so they recoupled. Now, Tom took to his Instagram managed by friends and family to find out what people thought of the recoupling.

Tom Walker Instagram posts a hot picture of him after the recoupling

On IG the photo posted up after the recoupling shows Tom wearing a stylish back and white checked jacket and a tee. That jawline and those golden coloured eyes need say no more about why he's a model. The caption read, "Good Morning...We are feeling the love this morning for Tom and @maurahiggins..What did you guys think of the recoupling"?

Obviously, "Love Island" fans reacted and some of them were quite funny. IG account @love_island.memess posted, "Imagine they win and Maura takes the whole cash prize and says ‘that’s for thinking I’m a piece of meat''. Meanwhile, @loveislandnot noted that he, "Brought it back well with his speech and we liked that he can joke about himself and what happened earlier, doesn’t take things too seriously".

Fans of 'Love Island' mostly like the recoupling with Maura

Most of the fans seem happy with the recoupling and not too many people trolled him. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @Pet**: "They look really good together and I am happy he realised his mistake and made it up to her".
  • @Cat**: "Love them together, they are a really good couple. Tom really redeemed himself last night. All the love from Germany".

But after that, the comments just got all about how nice looking he is, with one person asking the "Love Island" hunk to "marry" them.

Meanwhile, other fans hopped across to Maura's Instagram to see what was up from that side.

Maura's account also shared something, and this time it was a clip from the show: The one where she shouted at him, "Yes You Did!". Laughing, she asked fans to come up with a caption for it.

Maura gets some great caption suggestions on her post

In the comments section, a few people talked about how they like the way Maura's not shy to have her say. Others cracked up as it looks funny when a girl does that to a guy, but it's not so funny the other way round. But the captions that came in from "Love Island" fans were quite amusing. One person suggested, "When your sibling lies about not eating the leftovers". Another person's suggestion was, "I know you took my chocolate heart from the fridge".

"Did I make a scene last night"? was another good caption. Only a girl could dream up this one: "When he denies taking your fake tan to touch up his white bits".

What did you think of the scene where Maura yelled at Tom Walker?

He's getting the love on his IG after the recoupling now though. Do you think he turned the situation around well? Did you react to his call for fans to comment?

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