Beyonce Knowles' musical career first started when she joined girl group ‘Destiny’s Child’ alongside Kelly Rowland and Michelle Willams. In 1999 they had two number-one singles “Bills, Bills. Bills” and “Say My Name”. Beyonce decided to go as a solo artist in 2003 in which she released her first album called, ‘Dangerously In Love’. It was in the Billboard 200 and also had two number 1 singles from that album ‘Crazy In Love ft Jay Z’ and ‘Baby Boy ft Sean Paul’.

Beyonce has also won awards for her albums and singles across the years, in 2014 she won the award in the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for "Best RnB Performance" for her single 'Drunk In Love' from her self titled album 'Beyonce'.

In 2012, for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, she won the award for 'Best Traditional R&B Performance' for her single "Love on Top" from her album 4. In 2016, for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, she won the award for 'Best Urban Contemporary Album' for her album Lemonade. Those are just some of the many awards Beyonce has won in both her solo career and during her time with the trio group Destiny's Child.

'The Gift' Lion King

This year is the year for Disney movies to be remade from "Alladin" to "Toy Story" and now we have the latest Lion King, where actors such as Donald Glover who will be playing Simba and Beyonce, who is Nala.

Beyonce is also working on an inspired Lion King album called ‘The Gift’.

She released two music videos for her songs ‘Spirit’ and ‘Bigger’ and those songs also appear in the movie. Aside from her breathtaking vocals, she looked flawless in both of the videos she was seen dancing and performing across breathtaking landscapes that were shot from the movie. Blue Ivy who is Beyonce’s firstborn daughter also made appearances in several scenes throughout the music video.

Both of the music videos had an important message that she wanted to spread, which was to show how to rise and become a stronger woman in this generation. It is important for this type of messages to be shed to light because it helps a lot of the woman across the world to have the confidence to go for what they want in their lives.

Beyonce has also been a strong advocate for women's rights and she has also done programs to help build the confidence of woman from across the world.

'God is the art director'

According to the news publication 'The Rolling Stones', “The concept of the video is to show how God is the art director,” Beyonce said that in an interview with Robin Roberts accompanying the “Spirit” music video release on Tuesday.

Both of these singles are among the 27 tracks of the titled album ‘The Gift’. This album features guest contributions from artist such as Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, Major Lazer, Tierra Whack and many more.