There seems to be one problem after another when it comes to “Bond 25,” and the setbacks keep on coming. Filmmakers were excited to have Grace Jones in the new 007 Film, after she appeared in “A View to Kill” with Roger Moore 34 years ago. However, the latest role wasn’t quite up to her previous part as brutal assassin May Day. It was literally a cameo role with just a few lines to recite.

Jones was literally on set a few minutes before walking out, leaving the building in a huff and upsetting producers.

Another delay for ‘Bond 25’

As noted by NME, Grace Jones played the role of the brutal May Day 34 years ago, starring with Roger Moore in “A View To Kill.” Producers cast her in “Bond 25” but it turns out this is no return of the character May Day, as she died during her last 007 performance.

The character was killed in an explosion after she switched sides – helping Bond, instead of protecting the villainous Max Zorin.

While Grace was happy to appear in another James Bond movie, she was not so happy when she found out how small her cameo role was and how few lines she had been given. No details of the actual role were reported. As soon as the 70-year-old “Slave To The Rhythm” singer found how just how few lines she had, she walked off the project. Producers were furious with her, as they had organised “premium accommodation” for the singer/actress at a hotel close to Pinewood Studios.

The Metro quotes a source close to the film production as saying “Grace’s 007 homecoming” was set to be a huge “crowd-pleasing moment.” They continued by saying the film’s bosses were totally excited about landing Jones for the cameo role.

The source continued by saying Grace had been expecting a much larger role in the 007 film and was insulted by the brief cameo she had been offered.

They reckoned Jones was out of the studio quicker than the time it takes to “rustle up a martini.”

Setback after setback for ‘Bond 25’

Grace Jones walking off set is just the latest in a series of setbacks for the upcoming 007 film. First director Danny Boyle walked off the set, to be replaced by Cary Fukunaga. Then in May, production was halted for a couple of weeks after Daniel Craig, 51, injured an ankle on set and was forced to undergo minor surgery.

June saw delays to production following a “controlled explosion” on the set, which injured a crew member at Pinewood Studios, which lead to Health and Safety visiting the set.

There have been more positive moments, however, including the visit by Prince Charles to the set at Pinewood Studios, where he spoke to Craig about the eight iconic and classic 1960 Aston Martin DB5s which were built especially for the film. It turns out the heir to the throne is very fond of classic cars and thoroughly enjoyed his tour of the studios and meeting with the stars of the upcoming film.