Shraddha Kapoor is in the news. The rising star has acted in the biggest hit from the South. She had paired with Prabhas of "Bahubali" fame in the Film "Saaho".

The film released in three languages namely Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu has stormed the box-office. India Today has reported that the film is well on way to becoming the greatest hit in Indian cinema.

Shraddha and Prabhas

Ms Shraddha looks lovely in the role of a policewoman who is out to nab the hero played by Prabhas. She is the daughter of yesteryear star Shakti Kapoor who played character roles in Bollywood.

Shakti is famous as the man who was lured into a string operation by offering a role to a girl in exchange for sleeping with him. This was some years back and now the incident is buried.

Over the decade's, films from the South with South Indian stars invariably do not click on the Hindi heartland. This time the producer's got the beautiful Shraddha Kapoor to star opposite the South Indian star.

She is a big draw for the film.


The imagination of Hindi heartland and the people of the Southern states has been fueled with the exciting prospect of a North Indian Punjabi girl romancing a South Indian hero. In the film world, there have been many such real-life cases where Tamil girls have married Punjabi heroes. Among the more famous couples are Hema Malini and top actor Dharmendra.

Hema was followed by Shilpa Shetty and Sridevi.

Prabhas is a well-known name in the south. He was part of the film "Baahubali" which was supposed to be one of the biggest hits. It was one of the few that was a success in the Hindi heartland. Now the film "Saaho" of Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor has outperformed "Baahubali" at the box office.

The film "Saaho" is the biggest hit of this year. It has shaded blockbuster films "Mission mangal" and "Batla House" at the box office. The TOI has reported that even after failing to impress the critics, the film "Saaho" has managed to allure the audience to the theatres.

The film

The film is action-oriented with plenty of stunt scenes. The hero rides powerful motorbikes and Shraddha Kapoor is wonderful as a woman cop. This makes for an explosive combination and with slick editing and photography the overall effect is to enthral the audience

The film makes no pretence to be a classic and follows a simple axiom of trying to entertain the people. The director creates an excellent image of Prabhas as a macho hero supporting a beard.

Shraddha Kapoor has got her big break and it will be interesting to watch whether she will be in a position to build on the success of this film. She has a long way to go to get closer to the likes of Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra. The last-named has broken into Hollywood and is now acting in films and serials produced there

Shraddha Kapoor is building her image in the film world. This film with Prabhas could be a stepping stone to further success in the tinsel world