Kiwi comic Jarred Christmas gives us the low down on his latest show the Mighty Kids Beatbox Comedy Show Tour which will be back touring the UK after the Coronavirus shutdown. Here he talks about how the show originated and what you can expect from the show.

The show features Jarred who has previously starred in CBBC’s ‘The Joke Machine’ and ‘The Dog Ate My Homework’ and master beatboxer Jack “Hobbit” Hobbs. Jack is a member of World Champion Beatbox Crew 'The Beatbox Collective and is the voice of Juke on Cartoon Network’s ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’.

Their unique performance combines beatboxing and comedy and is a great interactive event for all of the family to enjoy.

Leah Marriott: How did you and Jack form as a duo?

Jarred Christmas: We first met at a hip hop comedy night in Horton, London. I (Jarred) was hosting the event and Hobbit was in the house band. We started messing around onstage and over the year we started developing a double act. When that show finished we continued working together and touring comedy festivals.

L: What inspired you both to create the show?

J: Lots of inspiration. Hobbit just goes for a walk and hears noises and then he copies them. I’ve seen him drive dogs mad with his very accurate dog bark. I’ve also seen people reach for their phones when it’s just Hobbit making the noise.

I have two young kids and wanted to do a show they could come to because my stand up is full of adult content. But the Mighty Kids is the perfect show for families. Hobbit is amazing with the beatboxing and I bring the tomfoolery and japes.

L: What was the creative process like in the making of the show ?

J: It’s was very fun.

We have a director who is a brilliant comedian called Rob Deering, he helps us shape the show and develop our ideas. We spent hours laughing and cracking each other up and by the end of it all we had the show.

L: What can the audience expect?

J: Lots of interaction, lots of laughs and lots of impressive beat boxing and they also get to learn a bit as well.

It's fun and pure enjoyment. Also they'll maybe get inspired to take up beat boxing or comedy or performing. But really the hope is the show introduces them to live entertainment and builds a love for live performance, be it music or theatre or comedy or whatever.

L: How does the show compare to what you’ve done in the past?

J: It’s very similar to our adult beat box show. The only difference is we don’t swear.

L: Why should people go to The Mighty Kids Beat Box Show?

J: Some people ask why we should see it but the cool people ask why would you not? It’s a fun show for all ages. Genuinely the kids will love it and so will the parents. Our show brings families together like a good board game. Not monopoly though. That tears families apart.

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