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Who'd live in a house like this?

A Direct Line survey has revealed the nation's dream home is Tony Stark’s penthouse and here are the reasons why
What would your dream home be? More than one in ten (12 percent) would describe Tony Stark’s penthouse as their dream house – whilst a staggering 65 percent of millennials (24-38 year olds) are prevented from buying their perfect pad due to the cost, according to new research. A new study of 2,005 Brits by Direct Line Home Insurance has revealed the extent of the gap between our dream home and the reality facing many, especially the younger generation. According to the report, 12 percent of respondents described the Iron Man-sion as their dream house. Tony Stark’s New York retreat boasts stunning views, a tech lab and a Hall of Armour featuring all the iterations of the famous super suit. It is not all about modern technology and artificial intelligence homes though as Downtown Abbey, Kevin’s house from Home Alone and Uncle Phil’s Bel-Air mansion also made the top five. There is bad news for Iron Man; a history of destruction, idiosyncratic toys and weapons and an owner with...