The answer to this question is an extra edge to those who think emigrate to the land of his majesty. At a time when immigration figures remain high, England still on top of the most sought after by European professionals to work. London is one of the most desired destinations, but know that there are other possibilities. Discover the best cities to Work in England, excluding the capital, and so open your range of options.

By combining national emigration of England, London is the first name that comes to mind. The cultural and professional offer continues to attract many Europeans.

But the high cost of living and competitive labor market are very real obstacles. The alternative can pass through other cities with good opportunities.

Know where it is easier to find a job is certainly a good way to achieve the best cities to work in England. Below is a list of 5 cities, which is based on a study by Adzuna site. So here are the five cities chosen:

1. Cambridge

Located about 80 km from London, the city is world famous because of the prestige of his university. A recognition that contributed greatly to the development of tourism and the various activities linked to it. The study revealed that there were only 0.1 people for every job offer available advertised.

2. Guildford

This historical city, 43 km from the capital Londrina, receives branches of some of the most important companies in the video game industry.

In the field of research has an important center where the local university plays an important role and where there leading the world, including the production of satellites.

3. Reading

Halfway between London and Oxford, it is considered by some as the most important business center of the southeast, after the English capital.

He was selected to receive the offices of some multinational companies in the field of information technology (Oracle, Sage, ...). Moreover, it is also the seat of the European Centre for Meteorology.

4. Oxford

The great leader of this superior rival in the field of education. Oxford University is considered one of the top 10 in the world and receives thousands of students each year.

Equally important in the economic outlook are the automotive industry, tourism and publishing activity (university and small local publishers).

5. Winchester

Capital of the county of Hampshire, in the south of the country, has about 35 thousand inhabitants. The city's economy is based on five main pillars: Local business, tourism, public administration, retail and knowledge and creativity. IBM, Zurich and the University of Winchester have an important weight in the labor sector.