What if I told you that there is a media able to reach more than 20 million people for less than 1% of an ad campaign for that magnitude?

What if I told you that more than 84% of this audience is made up of classes A and B?

What if I told you that most have higher grade or graduate?

Because it is right in front of you and it's called the Internet.

Many companies today have a Boeing in the hands, however, don't know where's the stick, as the flaps operate and less like takeoff. Settle on giving "Vorta in vorta of lâmpida", as I'd say Adoniran, in the last century.

Strolling through the virtual world as if they were in a Volkswagen or a Fiat 147 (remember him?).

The internet came to change definitive way our way of seeing the market and the world.

Notice how a 4-year-old child, who was born listening to internet, internet go, movethe mouse and how she navigates through this brave new world as if I could fly andwere at an amusement park. Notice how your mind navigates by a different logic from ours-not so used to the "0" and "1".

This is the market you will have in a few years. If your company does not want to succumb to the rise of these new Czars at least, take a virtual license to fly for this new world.

The webmarketing, new facet of the good old marketing, however, with the internetavailable for applying old concepts, is rising.

Ask yourself some questions and check how's your company with respect to the web world:

Has the my company a website?

Is it constantly updated?

Is It interactive, dynamic and easy to navigate?

Is it relevant to my client?

If you answered no to any of these questions think of reviewing its strategy of Web marketing. Your client looking for suppliers in the interface almost Google and Franciscan long has lost the fear of accessing the World Wide Web.

What you need to enter this market? Listen to some tips.

1) Has to be found in search engines with excellent placement, logo on the front page with a headline goal and interesting.

2) Your site needs to be easy navigability, simple and beautiful visually, follow the concepts and the company's image in front of his home crowd and with content interesting enough to "hold" your client for a few minutes.

3) Use and abuse of the technology behind the scenes.

Your site does not need to have a minute and a half of Flash presentation, and I do not recommend, however, a good Web site recognizes the customer through the use of cookies, logs your visit and the path he blazed through the site and is fully measurable – hits, visits, page views and referrers are monitored constantly.

4) Your site is simply an extension of your company in the real world, is your company with a branch in Wonderland. Think of how to equip this new branch in a place where time is not linear and that anything can happen. Make your client feel an Alice,but don't show the way back home. If you lose in the charms of your pages.

5) Update it periodically and make your client understand that.

6) A good idea: create an online service through the web. Large companies have discovered this as an important competitive differentiator.

Internet is not a big deal, it's a world that has more than 8 billion locations for your client dock, offer a safe haven and he will pay for it.

Until the next.