People by nature, have different behaviors ranging from love to hate, through apprehension, shame, anger, fear, excitement, apathy, empathy or antipathy.

Dealing with the diversity of behaviors and human motivations - here understand motivation as the reason that leads to some kind of action - is a task that requires accurate perception and ability sometimes superhuman. After all not every behavior is capable of quick and easy understanding. Most often have "left field" is quite a skill required of us professionals.

As an example, look at the people who Work with you.

See the worldview of dissent, commitment to the cause of the company, level of commitment, intellectual ability and so on. From this analysis, you'll realize that managing people or live with them at work is most often an arduous and not necessarily rewarding task because in many situations we come into friction in wore or we live in climates ranging from good to heavy.

One of the things that need to be valued today are psychological aspects that move people to decide whether or not it some kind of action. Understand or at least try to understand the decision-making mechanisms of the people helps to define what form of training you need, how to correct errors or to stimulate and encourage.

From this approach we can see that people - now external customers - do not buy physical things, they seek emotional things, ie acquire what products or services can do for them.

People looking to purchase the best possible results, considering their level of income.

A woman does not buy an anti-wrinkle cream, shopping yes beauty and rejuvenation.

A heart can not buy a remedy to stabilize its situation, purchase hope of living longer.

A man does not buy a razor, buy better look.My point with this is that we, as a company, we have the tool to engage all who work with us in the task of adapting each of our actions in pursuit of a positive delivery for those who come to us with some kind of desire or need .

It is obvious that not every customer is good and that it's not all we want.

Unfortunately, real life does not allow us to say that we will always 100% accurate. However, we must seek ways to err less, means of trying to refine what we consider important and that will add value to our company, product or service in the best possible way.

Remember, the world was never the pessimists. Have and be able to do something is human nature. As one old commercial "nothing beats talent." Nothing beats the human ability to reverse situations and hope and action to improve the environment in which we live.