For some companies, using Digital Media is just one more thing to do on their already overfull plate. And that is surely comprehensible. However, according to a report published by the Statistical portal, seventy percent of the population in the U.S are the owners of at least one Social media account. Cutting a long story short, companies who do not fulfill the need of making the accounts on such mediums are missing out on the great potential to approach their potential audience.

Social media becoming the ultimate tool to promote business

Ultimately, using social media develops a tendency to connect directly with the prospect.

The easiest way of opening a two-way interactive session with the potential audience is through digital communication. Prospects are always looking for digital media to connect with the entrepreneurs in the first place. When customers are given an appropriate platform to share worthy insights, they feel valued. Moreover, entrepreneurs, these days, are recreating marketing strategies with valued feedback from their customers through social networks. Mary Meeker (Internet Trends Analyst and Researcher), reports the most significant networks to teenagers now are:

  • Instagram: 32 percent
  • Facebook: 14 percent
  • Snapchat: 13 percent
  • Tumblr: 4 percent

Some facts of social media measurements

  • Ad Age says that consumers hold the perspective that social media is the most powerful tool to drive them to their buying decisions. It plays as big a role as a television.
  • Sixty percent of the marketers declare that measuring ROI is among the top three of their digital marketing challenges reveals the report published by Simply Measured.
  • Engagement in terms of likes and shares is deemed the most radical metric for assessing digital media marketing progress.
  • Thirty-three percent of the millennial declare digital media as their most preferred option to communicate with the favorable brands reveals the marketing researcher at Marketing Sherpa.
  • Seventy-four percent of the salesmen who bang their yearly quota by ten percent say they possess complete understanding about the use of digital social media for targeting prospects, involving clients, establishing relationships, engaging customers and closing deals with them. Though there were little exceptions of exceeding their quota without the knowledge of digital media marketing reveals Forbes.
  • TNW News reveals that digital marketing is regarded as the 2nd most helpful tool to retain customers by big businesses through digital marketing campaigns.