It is very common to hear complaints and claims of shops, where people do not hide the name of the company and the person who met with indifference. It is known that no one forgets when it is served in some bad company, and that the client talks about his experience for at least another 10 people. The multiplier effect of this is fatal to the failure of the business.

It is also a fact that most customers do not complain, simply no longer returns preferring to look elsewhere than spending your time with attitudes that do not take effect for them.

The company simply ignores the problem and what you hear is a resounding: "We can not do anything!" Or, "That's not me, it is only with the owner." And the "owner" is never there, or when not even solve the problem to "not get into mischief." But there is a very important factor in business success. Good customer service also does not forget. Perhaps not as talked about as bad service.

But the feeling that gives welfare of the person that leaves satisfied the company is amazing. Nothing better than a phone that is answered immediately, with someone on the other side of the line, while talking to the customer misses a smile of satisfaction. Or even someone who always cares to give their best for the customer, not worrying if it will take or not the product, whether you have money at the time, if you are undecided, or are just looking.

I know many companies as well. And I did not have to leave town to see scenes of good service. These companies guarantee, without spending much a customer loyalty because they go far beyond the products they sell.

Providing services to people who seek them. And when that happens, I must inform my satisfaction to employees and the owner.

What happens nowadays is that the products and prices were all the same. Here are some examples: - In a gas station, we can find many products in convenience stores (from food to toiletries, cleaning, etc.), and if you want you can enjoy and fuel your car. - In pharmacies, we found only medicine but also, beauty products, food, clothing, etc.

- The R $ 1.99 stores occupied the market, selling products that can be found anywhere else, with the difference of a lower price.

What changes? Simply the Service Era in which we live. For product and price have anywhere! Phillip Kotler, the pope of Marketing, in a recent interview with Exame magazine commented that customer loyalty for the product over. Today the company only guarantees some loyalty from your customer through the service that will provide you. People seek solutions to their problems, speed and commitment, because they are increasingly out of time.

What counts is what the company can do for them! Think about it: How do you want to be remembered by your customers? For their good or for their poor customer service?