Everyone has to start somewhere. That's the advice we're all given when entering the wide world in search of a job. Internships are a way to get your foot in the door, you can get the experience and there's always the possibility of a full-Time job lined up for you. With that said, it's a real shame that companies still aren't paying interns.

Of course, the benefit to them is the free labour and why risk paying someone for work they may not be able to do? Companies could well be wasting their money on interns who don't want to do the job, but the main word in that sentence is 'could'.

If you find the right person(s) to take an internship at your company, then they will want to do well. Considering their history and interests, interviewing them to find out what kind of person they are will get you the perfect intern.

An unpaid intern is not a happy one

Think about it, who wants to work for free? Nobody does because we're becoming more financially anxious by the day. Although they may enjoy their work and they should if you've picked the right person; they'll be happier if they know their time is valued for a few quid. Interns aren't expecting to be paid the CEO's wage, win the lottery or anything close to ridiculous, they just want enough to get by and the chance to start earning more in the future.

Seriously, who applies for unpaid internships?

Only the desperate and those who have time and money. A fresh graduate can't start an internship immediately because what money do they have? My personal calculation would have it as £40,000, and most likely, they're in their overdraft. The first thing that they search for is a paid job.

The Unpaid Internships get scrolled past, while people try their luck at the paid ranks. People would rather gamble their non-experience than have to prove themselves for their unpaid time.

Their work rate and mood will be better

Money has such a simple effect by bringing happiness into people's lives, if money is given as an incentive they won't turn it down.

As the saying goes 'money makes the world go round', it keeps everyone feeling alive and the last thing you want is a body drooping around the workplace. Knowing they're having money put into their account for their efforts will give them motivation and it will bring the best out of them. Even if it is just a day for experience; knowing they'll be paid they will try harder to impress you and ultimately do more work.

They'll most likely be working in bars otherwise

Not everyone comes from a wealthy family where parents can look after their kids well into their 30s - I wish it were the case for myself but companies like to think it. You have to do what you can to get by on an unpaid internship, if its located in a city costs add up.

Bar work is flexible and you're regularly wanted on weekends and outside office hours. It's the job that most interns will take to get some cash. While there's nothing wrong with that; it certainly means they're not getting much time to rest. Sure we're all game for doing it and tiring ourselves out, but it might bring out the worst in some people. Demotivation and tiredness go hand in hand, they'll tell you that they have a shift they need to make and that should be your key opportunity to maybe say "Hand in your notice, our company wants to look after its employees."

You can't deny the fact that people would rather work for money, they're giving you their time and their skills which should be rewarded. It's 2017, let's stop being cheapskates and give them a better experience.