Believe that the promotion is a premium to the seller, but then it turns out that he has the skills and the necessary features for the new position. The worst thing is that hardly a person can return to the previous condition and end up leaving the company. Moral of the story: you lose the good seller. Why does it happen? Because of the natural differences existing between the two functions.

Are characteristics common to a team leader and a good seller: motivation, empathy, self-confidence, creativity, know how to listen and talk, good humor, determination, persistence and professional ambition.

In addition, it is necessary intuition to find out consumer behavior.

However, a team leader must have features that a good seller need not always, forward-thinking, firmness, fairness, humility, flexibility and above average intelligence. But the good seller needs courage, willingness, patience and be communicative, because when it comes to sales the result is a direct consequence of the established contacts.

The main motivation of the leader are the people, he only get the expected results if the influence. If the seller the goal is obviously to sell. Usually it is individualistic what will be a hindrance to the future, lead a team.

It's not easy to be a good seller, as it is not easy to lead a team.

The ideal is to seek the maximum possible quality and know the shortcomings that need to be addressed, in order to be the best professional possible within their specialty.

Before promoting a sales team leader is vital to evaluate its features and functions of a leader, to check whether the person has the ideal profile for the position, but without forgetting to ask you if that is your desire.

It avoids the risk of making the short term, a success in failure with no return.

Meet some of the functions of a leader: Define the tasks to be performed by the team; delegate authority and provide guidance, without taking responsibility for the action; evaluate, direct and supervise the staff, controlling the working methods and the use of available resources; give feedback, allowing the growth of team members; organize and define roles and responsibilities; select, develop and integrate human resources within its area of ​​operation; analyze and improve the methods of distribution, adequacy of inventory levels and special customer services; guide the team to Work in his absence and help her become more self-sufficient as possible; study and analyze the economic and market conditions, government controls and their effect on company goals; follow the growth and the work of each team member, through reports and contacts with customers.