Twitter is undergoing an executive shake-up at the moment and this means that they will be looking for new talent in the near future under the Finance portfolio. According to a report by the New York Times, this will include the need to employ a new chief financial officer. Twitter will be Talent scouting for this position as Adam Bain the current chief operating officer will be stepping down. The departure of Adam means that the current chief financial officer at Twitter - Anthony Noto, will now assume those responsibilities that Bain was covering.

Twitter vacancy for executive officer - financial

Twitter’s chief executive, Jack Dorsey explained that Bain had done a brilliant job with Twitter over the past five years as he managed to build "an amazing team and a global business from the ground up.” Speaking about his time with Twitter, departing chief operating officer, Adam Bain, said in a statement that he has been "inspired by what Twitter has become and what it will be in the future.” It seems that with everyone assuring each other that they mutually respect each other and admire what they have all done as a team, that Bain's departure from the massive social platform is amicable.

Twitter shuffling management under new CEO

Twitter's advertising side of the business fell under the Adam Bain portfolio and he will no doubt be missed by those people on Wall Street who enjoyed the once phenomenal growth of the Twitter advertising sector.

The shake-up is not merely the shuffling of a few bodies but is a real attempt by the company to recover from a slow-down. At one stage Twitter talked about selling and there were rumours of a total shut down. The endorsement of Dorsey as CEO in October 2015 was the first major step towards keeping Twitter viable. In an effort to bring Twitter back into a profitable situation in 2017, the company will be dropping up to 350 employees in the sales and marketing sector - many of whom fell under the department led by Adam Bain.

Live streaming and advertising on the Twitter platform

Twitter has been trying to hook into the live streaming and digital video destination online and much of the rising popularity of this service amongst online social media crowds can be attributed to Anthony Noto. The departure of Adam Bain, who it has been said will possibly not trot off to Facebook, now necessitates finding a new chief financial officer as Noto focuses on advertising, marketing and general operations. Twitter will be scouting around to find the right candidate for the chief financial officer position in the near future.