Days ago, in an informal conversation, I heard astory firsthand from a professional who has just been fired thanks to their competence and the excellent results achieved so far. It's just that you think, "This professional must have committed some slip and is now looking to just pose as wronged" Unfortunately, it is not the case.

For two years he worked in the company that shut down and their numbers were much better and consistent than expected by the organization. However, after some time, professionals of another group company in which it operates literally "called for his head" because the performance achieved by it was hindering the achievement of the results of that.

As was the weakest part of this relationship, we ended up paying the price.

It is not the first time it occurs and will not be the last. very skilled professionals canvass opponents in different organizational environments because mess with the status quo. Make a lot of people have to find explanations for his mediocre at best and this is particularly complicated if they do not have conditions to do more and / or better than those.

The slide committed by the professional in question is also the same as many others: to believe that only the results range is enough to keep a leading position compared to the others, and especially favored by senior executives or business partners.

For a long time already not enough to be competent technically.

It is also essential that the person is able to maintain balanced relations that support within the company. To be clear, we need to assess which disputes can be carried out and those to be avoided as internal opponents generate future costs for those who want to continue in the same place.

I am not saying with this that the professional should escape the conflict, but be aware that its success depends - a lot - how he can manage them.

After all, the opponent of a current project may be the financier of the following plan and therefore leave the doors open ends up being a sensible attitude.

Build strategic alliances in the company, business group or market segment is doing conspiracies or trying to please everyone, but something very different. It is the ability to understand the local culture in which it works and learn to position itself, ie evaluate the moments in which to advance and those requiring momentary setbacks.

The good side of this story is that the professional fired quickly get itself back on the market for enjoy a high degree of employability. Since the company can repeat sometimes the movement of squandering the talents who struggle for it, but they are misunderstood.

Organizations are looking for competent people to their tables, but they can not always deal with them. By focusing mediocrity and discourage conflicts that would transform not realize that purge - unintentionally or by choice - precisely those who could guarantee them a promising tomorrow.