With many multi-nationals exploiting the furlough scheme, Starbucks has continued to pay its UK staff into the lock-down period. It received plaudits on social media for this approach. Now outlets in malls around the country are set for the next wave of re-opening on Monday 29th June 2020.

Tough times for Starbucks

Despite an anticipated revenue decline of £3 billion and anticipated closure of 400 stores due to the coronavirus: Starbucks has, it seems, treated its employees and the public with respect. However, 135 residents in Sheffield have recently signed and submitted a petition against the chain opening a drive-thru.

They cite the detriment it could cause to local business as one of the reasons for their opposition. The company could do without this set-back and supporters of the new outlet point to the jobs it could create in the area, as a reason that the local council should not stop the building of this drive-thru - a decision has not yet been made on this issue.

Starbucks supported workers through lock-down

The coffee giant has previously restricted its outlet opening in the UK to drive-thru and take-away. Starbucks did not take up the option of Government support and paid its employees throughout the lock-down by taking earnings from stores in China and the USA to support its UK workers through this time of upheaval.

Around the middle of the month of May 2020, Starbucks opened 155 of its stores. However, the spate of stores opening on the 29th June 2020 shows that Starbucks is committed to establishing a "new normal" and giving its workers and customers what they want.

New normal, new Frappuccino for Starbucks

On 29th June 2020 Starbucks re-opens some of its traditional sit-in stores such as in the Golden Square Warrington, UK.

The chain will be keen to get people savouring their new Ruby Flamingo Frappuccino®. The store is also launching new cold coffee drinks and a new breakfast sandwich for people on plant-based diets! They seem to be taking an adapt-first approach to survival post-lockdown.

It is expected that only card payments will be accepted, akin to the approach taken in drive-thru stores already open.

For those struggled to get a table at the chain post-lock-down, will likely find the task far more difficult for a long time to come.

Starbucks looking forward

New ranges and driving forward with store openings shows that Starbucks is focused on ploughing on in order to stabilise revenue after a turbulent start to 2020. Outlets will close, but Starbucks Franchise will be one of the companies able to say it made it through. It did so by restoring some pride in the way it treated its staff - or partners, as they are known internally.