Charisma is something that few people have, generally those who have such a "gift" is always liked by everyone around.

Everyone likes to be in the presence of a charismatic person, friendly independent from the place where they are, therefore, the company's pleasure is the differential.

There charismatic people in various environments, but one in particular wish to highlight the business environment, the famous leader.

The leader is nothing more, a charismatic person who knows how to captivate his team, and thus Work together in obtaining a result that out of the effort of all.

But in order to have such a result, we must identify the leader in fact, because there are many who call themselves leaders, but actually are heads only have the people, on the other hand are few who are actually leaders.

There is the natural leaders, people who are born with leadership qualities and people acquire over time, through studies, courses, the leading position.

In both cases, one must be aware that is in front of people and they need a committed leader with the group and with the things taken.

He must identify everything that is happening in the group and thus motivate the team to work to develop the best way.

The leader must know how to handle all times, because while walking toward the result, can arise many situations that he must be patient, open-minded and above all, to see something that no one has seen before and thus resolve without demotivate your team and but always working together.

One of the ways that the team always works together, is to use the enthusiasm and congratulating people. People like to remember and hear a "thank you" for the work done, regardless of the work, regardless of its relevance, the leader should always congratulate the person.

These small gestures can seem small, and analyzed on a wide scale, but if we look at a smaller scale, will be impactful because they are small gestures that tamed the people and thus strengthen the team as a whole, and the goals and results will be reaching a more natural and peaceful way.

The people who make up the team felt safe, as identified, being guided by a leader. Soon they carried out their activities with greater enthusiasm because motivation is evident in them.

Having a charismatic leader in the workplace, it is essential for the work to be done in the most effective manner possible, however, the essential work are the people who make up the team, because the leader will not do anything alone, requires people capable and committed to the work.

Having these two pillars, work, will not work and that words can not define, because everyone will be a high degree of commitment to be something fun and enjoyable to do.